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This page provides links to the EGI-InSPIRE SA1 Task Quarterly Reports. 

Please provide your text report below.

Task Partner name QR3 QR4 QR5 QR6 QR7 QR8 QR9 QR10 QR11 QR12 QR13 QR14





TSA1.2 Security STFC SA1.2-QR3 SA1.2-QR4 SA1.2-QR5 SA1.2-QR6 SA1.2-QR7 SA1.2-QR8 SA1.2-QR9 SA1.2-QR10 SA1.2-QR11 SA1.2-QR12 SA1.2-QR13 SA1.2-QR14 SA1.2-QR15 SA1.2-QR16
TSA1.3 Dep. Software LIP SA1.3-QR3 SA1.3-QR4 SA1.3-QR5 SA1.3-QR6 SA1.3-QR7 SA1.3-QR8 SA1.3-QR9 SA1.3-QR10 SA1.3-QR11 SA1.3-QR12 SA1.3-QR13 SA1.3-QR14 SA1.3-QR15 SA1.3-QR16
TSA1.4 Tools SRCE SA1.4-QR3 SA1.4-QR4 SA1.4-QR5 SA1.4-QR6 SA1.4-QR7 SA1.4-QR8 SA1.4-QR9 SA1.4-QR10 SA1.4-QR11 SA1.4-QR12 SA1.4-QR13 SA1.4-QR14 SA1.4-QR15 SA1.4-QR16
TSA1.5 Accounting STFC SA1.5-QR3 SA1.5-QR4 SA1.5-QR5 SA1.5-QR6 SA1.5-QR7 SA1.5-QR8 SA1.5-QR9 SA1.5-QR10 SA1.5-QR11 SA1.5-QR12 SA1.5-QR13 SA1.5-QR14 SA1.5-QR15 SA1.5-QR16
TSA1.6 Helpdesk KIT SA1.6-QR3 SA1.6-QR4 SA1.6-QR5 SA1.6-QR6 SA1.6-QR7 SA1.6-QR8 SA1.6-QR9 SA1.6-QR10 SA1.6-QR11 SA1.6-QR12 SA1.6-QR13 SA1.6-QR14 SA1.6-QR15 SA1.6-QR16
TSA1.7 Support NCF SA1.7-QR3 SA1.7-QR4 SA1.7-QR5 SA1.7-QR6 SA1.7-QR7 SA1.7-QR8 SA1.7-QR9 SA1.7-QR10 SA1.7-QR11 SA1.7-QR12 SA1.7-QR13 SA1.7-QR14 SA1.7-QR15 SA1.7-QR16
TSA1.8 Reliable Grid AUTH SA1.8-QR3 SA1.8-QR4 SA1.8-QR5 SA1.8-QR6 SA1.8-QR7 SA1.8-QR8 SA1.8-QR9 SA1.8-QR10 SA1.8-QR11 SA1.8-QR12 SA1.8-QR13 SA1.8-QR14 SA1.8-QR15 SA1.8-QR16