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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
weekly (phone): Participants Maria Dimou, Pablo Saiz, Helmut Dres, Guenter Grein "shopping list" meeting traceable at: and
monthly (web conf): Representatives from Technology Providers, NGIs, GGUS team, WLCG GGUS Advisory Board (GGUS-AB) meeting Further development of GGUS system
need driven no INDICO URL one on one meetings with NGI interface developers testing the interfaces, resolving interface issues
need driven no INDICO URL meetings with EGI-SA2 definition of the technology support workflows and their implementation

2. Main Achievements

GGUS structure

Support units

Decommissioned support units

  • "Deployment Experts"

New support units

  • "AfricaArabia"

GGUS web portal

  • Offer the possibility to "Notify" multiple sites at once (no duplication limit)
  • Configure the Russian Tier-1 so they receive GGUS ALARMs
  • Enabeled shibboleth access to GGUS for EGI users who have an EGI SSO account.
  • SAVANNAH-GGUS-CMS, new functionality for CMS
  • CMS specific submit form:
  • submission possible for all GGUS user
  • linked from standard submit ticket form
  • directly accessible via URL
  • select box TOPS: firstly the cms specific TOPS followed by the list of standard GGUS TOPS
  • set cc field also for CMS specific TOPS and investigate if it is possible to set cc field also for (some) standard GGUS TOPS
  • add select box for CMS specific support units
  • if both notify site and SU are selected, force the user to resolve it, only one can be set.
  • team ticket submit form, in order to make the team ticket functionality more usable for CMS
  • add specific TOPS for Team members of CMS
  • hide MOU menue for Team members of CMS (ChW: not sure here, we might want to keep it.)
  • add CMS sites to the select box for Notify Site
  • add select box for CMS specific support units
  • SAVANNAH-GGUS-CMS: Request for additional CMS specific SUs
  • SAVANNAH-GGUS-CMS: "Type of Problem" (ToP) value should entail the appearence of email addresses in the Cc field

A list of changes that come along with the merge of ggus and xgus into a common software platform, see

  • Migration of the GGUS servers to another subnet to enable replication of data between two locations (campus north/ campus south)
  • Moved GGUS user database from Mysql to Oracle.
  • Changed structure of the GGUS user database
  • Decommission the old domain
  • Complete rewriting of the GGUS source code
  • Shibboleth authentication has been made available and will be configured until the next release
  • Registration process (users don’t receive a random password via mail as before)
  • Login page / homepage for public user (no news section or links of the GGUS tools/reports section)
  • “Show all open tickets” link in the homepage goes to the search page with special parameters set
  • Help message style ( not in separate window as before)
  • Slightly changed layout of the web interface
  • Different URL's (redirects for the old URLs have been created)
  • Remove notification mode "never" (was only used 33 times in 100000 tickets)
  • Remove "Mail to anybody" in ticket edit page
  • Remove "Training" in the navigation menu
  • Remove "LHCOPN helpdesk"
  • Remove "Navigation on top"
  • Remove in the “Ongoing Worklist & Release notes” page the “Actions planned for next release”
  • New location for "Subscribe ticket mode": users can set the notification mode (on solution/every change) at the end of the ticket info page.
  • New location for "Subscribe to this ticket": users can subscribe to a ticket at the end of the ticket info page.
  • Remove Search ticket -> show/save search as HTML ( still available: CSV and XML format)
  • Links on homepage "Show team tickets / alarm tickets": show results in different pages ( they go to the search page with special parameters set).
  • Selectable options for "Show my complete ticket list": all, open, assigned_to_me, involved, subscribed, terminated
  • Stopped providing the formerly manually created escalation reports for download.
  • A link to the WLGC Reports will be added to the start/home/index page.
  • Reduced modify section for tickets in status "solved" and "unsolved"
  • Removed obsolete fields from ticket submit form

Alarm tests after GGUS releases

  • Executed the alarm and interface tests after each GGUS release.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Collaboration of GGUS and PRACE This action is postponed as it has only low priority for PRACE at the moment.
Collaboration of GGUS and XSEDE This action has not started yet.

4. Plans for the next period