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1. Task Meetings

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2. Main Achievements


Milestone MS425 document was edited and reviewed internally during the last quarter.

MS425 describes the purpose and contents of the Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement, the Resource Provider Operational Level Agreement and the Operational Level Agreement. The document provides information about the technical tools developed and deployed for service level monitoring and reporting, the existing processes for service level management and the work plan for PY4.

The document is now in external review. The latest version can be found on [[1]].

Availability reporting

Within quarter 12 availability reporting was performed as usual on a monthly basis. Publication of results and re-computation requests regarding A/R results were handled by the SLM unit via GGUS.

Catch all services and core grid services

VO services

Regarding the migration of dteam VO from VOMRS to VOMS interface during the last quarter the EMI 3 release of VOMS and VOMS-Admin services have been tested. Some bugs have been fixed (in comparison the the previous versions tested), however the main feature that is needed (regarding notifications policy) seems still to be missing.

The legacy group NGI_ZA has been removed from dteam VOMS service.

EGI Catch all CA

One new Registration Authority was initialized and is now operational at the South African National Bioinformatics Instititute.

Core services for site certification

The site certification infrastructure was timely maintained within quarter 12. In specific, and due to several Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities that were disclosed within security contacts, several patches and upgrades have been performed in order to ensure the infrastructure is not exposed to security threats. An update of the distinct components (Top-BDII, WMS etc) is planned for the upcoming period.

Operational Tools

During quarter 12 maintenance operations on the midmon dedicated SAM instance (used for monitoring of running middleware versions on sites) have been applied. Also several new probes have been added that enable and assist the campaign for unsupported middleware service instances.

Also the surrounding infrastructure was updated (i.e. a dedicated WMS was provisioned) for the smoother operation of the midmon service.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Migration of dteam VO from VOMRS to VOMS interface. EMI 3 version of VOMS has been deployed and data from dteam has been migrated for testing purposes. The notifications mechanism still does not seem to cover dteam operational needs. Investigations are ongoing. Ongoing discussion with EMI 3 VOMS developers.

4. Plans for the next period


Availability reporting

Investigation of whether operational tools advancements can simplify the procedure of providing A/R reports

Catch all services and core grid services

VO Services

Migration of dteam VO to VOMS interface (once all problems have been resolved)

EGI Catch All CA

Expansion of the network of RAs

Core Services for Site Certification

Upgrade of all intermediate middleware components (i.e. Top BDII, WMS etc)

Operational tools

Addition of probes and instance maintenance.