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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
Accounting Workshop at EGI TF12 Disemination and discussion on the accounting roadmap, together with news of GridSafe from IGE which will be another accounting system which will publish to APEL.

2. Main Achievements



3. Issues and Mitigation

  • Issue Description
  • Mitigation Description
  • Sites who were not publishing UserDNs have started republishing data for the last year – this requires additional effort to coordinate
  • Sites should not republish but should just publish from when they switch on UserDN publishing.
  • Some people are unhappy with the new local jobs VO subdivision at CERN, since these VOs took additional positions on the TOP-10 table in the portal.
  • In the next release, some visualization support will be added. There were additional requests from SA1, so we decided to incorporate the changes after delaying the release.
  • The new RFC2253 DNs caused some calculations to diverge, since they were not recognized as valid. It also complicates considerably the country recognition code (since it must support two formats concurrently).
  • There was a ticket concerning SSL problems with Safari, it seems it is the last relevant browser to incorporate the renegotiation fixes, and there are many unfixed instances running still.
  • The Portal must also be isolated from updating problems from the WLCG/topology code. Perhaps some fallback fixtures can be declared and updated regularly.


4. Plans for the next period

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