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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
16.11.2012 Globus integration task meeting ...
26-27.11.2012 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE workshop on data management
03.12.2013 Grid Operations Meeting
07.01.2013 Grid Operations Meeting
21.01.2013 Mapper integration task meeting

2. Main Achievements

During this quarter four UMD releases were achieved: UMD 1.9.1, UMD 2.2.2, UMD 2.3.0 and UMD 2.3.1. While for the UMD 1 repository there was a single release, 1.9.0, which provided security fix from some Technology Providers. regarding the UMD 2.X releases there was achieved a total of three releases and was it was composed by one major release and two revisions releases. In total this quarter a total of 25 software components from both IGE and EMI Technological Providers were released into production. Also the Software Provisioning of components are ongoing towards the integration of the EMI-3 releases.

In this quarter there was a close collaboration with SA2 regarding the end of EMI /IGE Tecnhological Providers and the future of the UMD. This fact will have a huge impact in both SA2 and SA 1.3 after QR13.


Last quarter Interoperation task was focused on four areas: Unicore, Globus and Mapper integration and EGI EUDAT PRACE collaboration.


With update 19 new tests (UNICORE Job and unicore6.StorageFactory) were integrated into SAM. This quarter brought also an update about BDII publishing which will be in available in the EMI-3 release of the UNICORE/X component which is due in February. Documentation (RC certification procedur, Grid manual test) has been updated according Unicore needs.


IGE accounting packages are undergoing further testing at LRZ and by UMD certifiers.

Globus integration task meeting 16.11.2012


With update 19 new tests were integrated into SAM. Discussion about Mapper/QCG helpdesk strategy and ticket workflow took place. Support Unite in GGUS dedicated to Mapper/QCG has been created but it is still not clear if an independent xGUS instance will be needed support activities.

EGI EUDAT PRACE collaboration

EGI EUDAT PRACE workshop took place in November. The aim of the workshop was to bring together the European infrastructures, like EGI, EUDAT and PRACE, and user communities to discuss the requirements the latter have in sharing and using their data between different environments, which can be general infrastructures or domain specific facilities. The result of the workshop was definition of three pilot projects that address the requirements by defining and setting up test environments using existing technologies like GridFTP, UNICORE, Globus Online, iRODS, EMI data management services, etc.Wiki page and support resources were created to monitor status of Pilot activities.

In addition Interoperations' and Task forces' pages have been chagned to provide current status of integration.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description

4. Plans for the next period


Interoperation task in next quarter will mainly focuse on integration of accounting (Unicore, Globus, QCG), information system (Unicore), support (QCG, Desktop Grid) and  tests into Operations Portal (Desktop Grid, QCG).