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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
11.02.2013 Grid Operations Meeting ...
04.03.2013 Grid Operations Meeting ...
20.03.2013 Grid Operations Meeting ...
03.04.2013 Grid Operations Meeting ...

2. Main Achievements

Along this quarter 3 UMD releases were achieved: UMD 2.4.1, UMD 2.4.1, UMD 1.10.1 and UMD 2.3.1. While for the UMD 1 repository there was a single release, 1.10.1, which provided security fix for the CREAM-CE, in UMD 2 there were 2 releases. In total this quarter a total of 20 software components from both IGE and EMI Technological Providers were released into production taking notice that for WMS this was the first version ever deployed into UMD-2. Parallel to this work started the staged rollout of the UMD-3 products with a total of 50 products and the stage rollout of the WN-tarball with the collaboration between EGI and Matt Doidge from NGI_UK.

In this quarter there was a close collaboration with SA2 regarding the end of EMI /IGE Tecnhological Providers and the future of the UMD which lead to a dedicated face to face meeting during the Community Forum in Manchester between EMI product team and all SA2 and SA1.3 team.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Dependency problems for jclassads 2.4.3 in the UMD production repositories (affecting UI and WN). Urgent release of UMD2 (2.4.1) has been done to get back coherence in the UMD repository
An high security issue as been raised that affected all CREAM-CE's in production Issue fixed in release UMD2 (2.4.1) with the release of the CREAM 1.14.4 and UMD (1.10.1) with cream version 1.13.5

4. Plans for the next period

For the next quarter the activities will continue with the SW provisioning of components from both EMI and IGE. Within this framework the UMD-3 will a fact which will cover mostly of the all the EMI3 components.

While the regular work will continue the talks between EGI and product teams will continue in order do define the future of new releases. After this will reach a consolidated stage a new SW provisioning workflow will be submitted in order to embrace that changes.