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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
25/11/2013 Migration of SAM Central Services Discussions about the status of SAM and message broker migration.
17/12/2013 Migration of SAM Central Services Discussions about the status of SAM and message broker migration.
22/01/2014 Migration of SAM Central Services Discussions about the status of SAM and message broker migration.

2. Main Achievements

Bidding process for hosting EGI core activities was finalized and proposal from GRNET, CNRS and SRCE consortium for running central SAM, Nagios monitoring instances and message broker network was accepted. In order to achieve smooth transition it was agreed to start the deployment of new services and migration at the beginning of 2014. Several meetings were organized between the SAM team and the consortium. In addition, the consortium organizes regular weekly meetings starting from January 2014.

There were no ActiveMQ upgrades in this quarter. As part of message brokers migration process new packages for ActiveMQ version 5.8 for RHEL 6 platform were prepared in January. New packages will be used for deployment of new message broker instances.

GOCDB version 5.1 was released on November 26th 2013. The major features are: new service endpoints filters, highlighted downtimes, PI changes.

Upgrade of SAM NGI instances to the version Update-22 was continued. It was agreed at the OMB in December ( that the final deadline for upgrade of all NGIs is April 1st 2014. As part of the SAM central service migration process test SAM GridMon instance was deployed at CNRS at the end of January. New alias for the central SAM was added:

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description

4. Plans for the next period

Deployment of two new message brokers and expansion of the broker network will be done in February. The old four brokers and the test broker network will be decommissioned by the end of April 2014.

GOCDB version 5.2 with the extensibility mechanism and email notifications for GOCDB role approvals will be deployed in February 2014.

Deployment of the production central SAM at CNRS will be performed at the beginning of February. This milestone is important in order to provide history of results for at least 3 months once the existing instance is switched off. New ops-monitor instance will be deployed at SRCE by the end of March 2014. At the beginning of May 2014. SAM GridMon and ops-monitor at CERN will be decommissioned.

All NGI SAM instances need to upgrade to SAM Update-22 by the April 1st 2014.

Monitoring instance midmon will be extended in February with the new set of tests monitoring for tracking UMD-2 service endpoints.

Deployment of the Operations Portal version 3.0 with the new A/R calculations is scheduled for March 2014.

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