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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
28.10.2013 Grid Operations Meeting Regular operations meeting
21.10.2013 UMD Release Team Regular operations meeting
03.10.2013 UMD Release Team Regular operations meeting
23.09.2013 Grid Operations Meeting Regular meeting
18.09.2013 UMD Release Team F2F meeting Technical Forum
02.09.2013 Grid Operations Meeting Regular meeting
19.08.2013 Grid Operations Meeting Regular operations meeting
26.08.2013 UMD Release Team Regular meeting

2. Main Achievements

During this quarter there were a total of three releases two regarding UMD-3 (3.2.0,3.2.1) and one for UMD-2 (2.7.0). In total 24 products and sub-components were deployed and tested covering not only all of EMI / IGE products but also incorporated a new product team the QCG team.

Of notice that along this quarter, SA1.3 activities suffered one of the most important changes since the project started due to the end of the EMI project. Now, most of the PT's previously integrated in the EMI project, started to release his software in third party repositories like EPEL. This change completely changed the way UMD gets the software, with a consequent increase in the complexity during the release process. During this quarter DPM/LFC product team made the first release into EPEL repository followed by Gfal which were successfully incorporated into UMD.

Intergation activites during quarter 14 were focused on planing of EGI Cloud Infrastructure integration with production Infrastructure which one of the main result was succesful certification of first cloud-only site. Another area of work was collaboration with XSEDE project to enable COMPCHEM and WeNMR VOs on both infrastructures.

With EUDAT a study case within ENVRI project was set up wich aim is to enable EISCAT 3D community to benefit from both projects in terms of dealing with the big data produced by EISCAT 3D project.

Assessment of readiness of accounting and information publishing of ARC, UNICORE, QCG and GLOBUS software was performed and how-to documents for NGIs deploying these middlewares is being repared. 

Finelly edupert was integrated into GGUS for network troubleshoointg.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Readiness of the software towards the SHA-2 After release of storm 1.11.2 release in UMD 3.2.1, all products in UMD are SHA-2 compliant.

4. Plans for the next period

The most important issue for the next quarter will be on how to improve the software provisioning process and in particular the SR in order to handle the way product teams deploy the new software. Also important is to investigate how to incorporate the WLCG software tests into the SR EGI activities. Continuation of the collaboration with CSIRT team in order to check implementation and Argus interoperability.

As a long term objective prepare the software provisioning to the end of the EGI-Inspire project.

During next quarter intergation activities will be focused on ongoing EGI Cloud, XSEDE and EUDAT integration. It is also planed to integrate Desktop Grid resources as infrastrcuture represented as separate Operation Center.