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EGI Inspire Main page

The EGI-InSPIRE project (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe) started on 1 May 2010, co-funded by the European Commission (contract number: RI-261323) for four years, as a collaborative effort involving more than 50 institutions in over 40 countries. Its mission is to establish a sustainable European Grid Infrastructure (EGI).

EGI-InSPIRE is ideally placed to join together the new Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) such as clouds, supercomputing networks and desktop grids, for the benefit of user communities within the European Research Area.

More information

Workpackages and Tasks within EGI-InSPIRE

WP1: Management

Task 1: Activity Management (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

Task 2: Project and Consortium Management (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

Task 3: Technical Management (Steven Newhouse,

Task 4: Quality Assurance (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

WP2: Community Engagement

Task 1: Activity Management (Steven Newhouse,

Task 1N: NGI International Liaison

Task 2: Marketing & Communication (Catherine Gater, Dissemination Manager,

Task 3: Strategic Planning and Policy Support (Sergio Andreozzi, Strategy and Policy Manager,

Task 4: Community Outreach (Steve Brewer, CCO, | (Old event task page)

Task 5: Technical Outreach to New Communities (Gergely Sipos, Senior User Community Support Officer, (Old T3.4 Technical Services page)

Task 6: NGI Distributed Competency Centre | (Old T3.3 NGI User Support Teams page)

Old WP3 page and Old Mgt Activity page

WP4: Operations

Task 1: Activity Management (T. Ferrari,

Task 2: A Secure Infrastructure (M. Ma, STFC)

Task 3: Service Deployment (M. David, LIP)

Task 4: Infrastructure for Grid Management (Emir Imamagic, SRCE)

Task 5: Accounting (J. Gordon, STFC)

Task 6: Helpdesk Infrastructure (T. Antoni, KIT)

Task 7: Support Teams (Ron Trompert, SARA)

Task 8: Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure (C. Kanellopoulos, AUTH)

WP5: Provisioning the Software Infrastructure (SA2)

Task 1: Activity Management

Task 2: Definition of UMD Quality Criteria

Task 3: Verification of Conformance Criteria

Task 4: Provision of a Software Repository and Support Tools

Task 5: Deployed Middleware Support Unit

WP6: Services for the Heavy User Community

Task 1: Activity Management (Jamie Shiers, CERN)

Task 2: Shared Services & Tools (Jamie Shiers, CERN)

Task 3: Services for HEP (Maria Girone, CERN)

Task 4: Services for LS (Johan Montagnat, CNRS)

Task 5: Services for A&A (Claudio Vuerli, deputy Giuliano Taffoni, INAF)

Task 6: Services for ES (Horst Schwichtenberg, SCAI)

WP7: Operational Tools

Task 1: Activity Management (Diego Scardaci, INFN)

Task 2: Maintenance and Development of deployed Operational Tools (Helmut Dres, KIT)

Task 3: National Deployment Models (Tiziana Ferrari, COO,

Task 4: Accounting for different resource types (Stuart Pullinger, STFC)

Task 5: Integrated Operational Portal (Cyril L'Orphelin, CNRS)