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GOCDB Personal Data Privacy and Code of Conduct

Data Protection Code of Conduct and Account Registration

Name of Service Grid Operations Centre Database (GOCDB) hosted by the [Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)] on behalf of the [European Grid Initiative (EGI.eu)].
Description of Service GOCDB is a central registry to record information about the topology of the EGI e-Infrastructure. This includes entities such as Operations Centres, Resource Centres, service types, service endpoints and their downtimes, user contact information and roles of users responsible for operations at different levels
Data Controller/Processor and contact Data Controller: [EGI.eu],
Data Processor: [Science and Technology Facilities Council]
Jurisdiction of data processor GB
Personal data processed Unique user identifier:

Basic Contact Details:
the following data are provided by you on account creation (see below screen capture):

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Tel (optional)
Purpose of processing personal data The personal data listed above is used to establish a persistent user account within EGI. Your ID string is re-published by GOCDB to third party service-providers for use in Monitoring, Accounting and other data processing systems. Log files that include your personal identifier are also kept for fault diagnostics, auditing and for security monitoring purposes.
Third parties to whom personal data is disclosed After registering a GOCDB account, the identity string and the personal information listed above is made visible to all other authenticated users and client-services of GOCDB via its Web interfaces. This includes clients authenticated by:
  • a certificate issued from a Certification Authority (CA) that is registered in the [Interoperable Global Trust Federation]]
    • this includes clients from countries outside the European Economic Area that may NOT have adequate data protection (pursuant to Article 25.6 of the directive 95/46/EC).
  • users authenticating using the [EGI AAI ProxyIdP/CheckIn service].

These details are not shared unless positive informed consent is provided by the user which is obtained during GOCDB account creation (see screen capture below). This conforms to the [rules of membership] for the UKAMF (section 4.1) and [GEANT Data Protection Code of Conduct] (section f c.) - both stipulate prior consent is required from the end user before their attributes can be shared to third parties including collaboration partners (DM: is only conformant if attributes are shared within EC or to countries with adequate data protection).

Data retention The personal information listed above is removed on deletion of a GOCDB account. GOCDB accounts will also be deleted after a period of 18mths of inactivity.

User Provided Positive Informed Consent


Some discussion and Q/A on using eppn in EGI/GOCDB: GOCDB/notifications

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