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Tool name Perun
Tool Category and description Identity and Access Management Tool

Perun manages access to fedCloud resources. It is able to directly manages users, groups, user enrollment or it can synchronize users from existing VOMS servers.

Tool url
GGUS Support unit Perun
GOC DB entry
Requirements tracking - EGI tracker N/A
Issue tracking - Developers tracker
Release schedule Perun uses rolling updates. Releases are usually every week.
Release notes High level release notes are available at under Release Notes. Detailed changes can be seen as a commits at
Roadmap N/A
Related OLA
Test instance url
License FreeBSD License
Provider CESNET
Source code

Perun manages users, groups and access to the EGI services. It provides complete support for VO management and whole user life-cycle form enrollment to suspension/leaving the VO. Users and groups can be managed directly in the tool or the users from VO can be synchronized from existing VOMS services. Perun is used to prepare access control lists and deliver them to the cloud middlewares. Perun is able to do the user suspension and together with cloud middleware they are able to stop/pause running virtual machines. Usually users do not interact with the Perun system unless the VO decides to manage its users via Perun, then users interact with VO application form.

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