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The EGI CSIRT covers all aspects of operational security aimed at achieving a secure infrastructure within EGI and relies on site and NGI security contact information maintained in the GOCDB by each NGI.
The EGI CSIRT ensures both the coordination with peer grids and with the NGIs and NREN CSIRTs. The EGI CSIRT acts as a forum to combine efforts and resources from the NGIs in different areas, including Grid security monitoring, Security training and dissemination, and improvements in responses to incidents (e.g. security drills).
EGI Software Vulnerability Group
The purpose of the EGI Software Vulnerability Group is "To minimize the risk to the EGI infrastructure arising from software vulnerabilities."
The EGI SVG runs a process for handling software vulnerabilities reported, whether in software developed by our collaborators to enable the secure sharing of computing resources or in other software widely used in the EGI infrastructure.
Security Information
Provides more information on security and useful links.


Address Purpose

Mailing list which includes all people directly involved in all CSIRT activities. It can be used by anyone to contact CSIRT in case of EGI wide inquiries, not related directly to incidents.

The official address to report incidents affecting our infrastructure, it can be used by anyone, in particular from out site EGI/Grid etc.

This address is monitored by IRTF: