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Collaborations tools are Core EGI service providing software needed by the EGI back-office and supporting EGI collaboration provided by CESNET.


Single Sign On (SSO)

You can use a single username and password at the intranet services listed on this page. Check whether you already have an account or create a new one.

Group owners can manage group members here, and send invitations to new users. Groups are used in intranet services for authorization. domain domain entry can be created for the service as long as it is relevant for the EGI infrastructure eg. EGI services are available through the web tool or EGI users are using it for other reasons.

Each request needs to be accepted by EGI Operations team (


MediaWiki. All users with an SSO account can log in. Restricted wiki namespaces are editable only by members of appropriate groups.

To get editable access please contact: operations @

Mailing lists

Mailman mailing list management. Membership in mailing lists is determined by membership in SSO groups. Only group owners can manage the group membership.

List administrators can find some helpful information on the Mailing Lists Administration page.

Note that canonical adresses are, not

Document server

DocDB document server for large files. All users with an SSO account can log in. Groups are used for restricting access to documents.

Meeting planner

Indico conference and meeting planner. All users with an SSO account can use it there. (Indico also has its own local accounts, which can be used by people who do not want an EGI SSO account, but want to register to some meeting in Indico.)


Jabber server (instant messaging using XMPP protocol), including support for chatrooms. User accounts are available for all SSO users. Further information at EGI Jabber HOWTO page.

Request Tracking (RT)

EGI internal request tracking system. All users with an SSO account can use it there.

CMS Admin

OpenCMS content management system for the web site. User passwords are the SSO passwords. User accounts are created for selected maintainers only.

Web site administrators can find some helpful information on the OpenCms Administration page.


Selected users can post blog entries to the blog, all EGI SSO users can post comments under their SSO identity, even anonymous users can post comments if they provide an email address. If you want to become the blog author, please contact

Discussion forum

PhpBB discussion forum. Only SSO users can discuss on the forum.

Project Progress Tracking (PPT) (retired after end of InSPIRE project)

The PPT tool was hosted by CERN and wasused by the EGI-InSPIRE project to track the work of its members across the different work packages and tasks.

Author-e (used in ENGAGE project)

The Author-e tool is provided by to track costs.

Survey tool (in testing)

For selected users, LimeSurvey tool is provided.


For staff, eduroam RADIUS server is provided.

Some more details could be found at the Intranet page.

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