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Supporting the development of strategic plans and policies within and external to in conjunction with EGI‘s stakeholders relating to governance, standardisation and integration with other infrastructures.

Description of Work

The EGI’s ecosystem comprises many stakeholders including funders, resource providers, technology providers, users of the infrastructure, related projects that need to be integrated together through defined policies and collaborations, and in the longer-term through a strategic plan to move towards sustainability. Key to coordinating this ecosystem are the policies that EGI develops to govern the use and operation of the infrastructure and its interaction with its stakeholders and user communities. The development of these policies and the wider planning process is supported by and other experts within the NGIs (access to which is facilitated by the NGI International Liaisons). Many of these interactions will be with stakeholders involved in other EC or national projects.

These collaborating projects will be registered and assigned a contact point within EGI who will define, record and monitor a joint programme of work if one is required. The contact point shall be an individual or one of’s management bodies. For instance, a middleware project would be assigned a liaison who was part of the TCB – indeed the middleware project might also be represented on the TCB. Likewise, a VRC would have representation on the UCB.

A Strategy Planning and Policy manager will coordinate the work of this task and will report to the activity leader, the Project Director. Policies are needed to govern the provision of a high-quality distributed-computing production-oriented infrastructure., the coordinating body for this community, provides management and policy groups for developing and approving policies relating to operations, software quality, security, user communities and general governance. The development of these policies is supported by the project and may have relevance and impact with other European (e.g. DEISA & PRACE) and International e infrastructure providers (e.g. Open Science Grid, TeraGrid) who will be involved in these policy discussions as appropriate.


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Involved Partners and Participants

  • PN.1: EGI.EU - Stitching European Grid Initiative - Country: The Netherlands - PM: 164 (164E - 0N)
    • Steven Newhouse - Project Director ( Director)
    • Sergio Andreozzi - Task Leader (Strategy and Policy Manager at
    • Damir Marinovic - (Strategy and Policy Officer)
    • Sy Holsinger - (Strategy and Policy Officer)
  • PN.26: FOM - Stichting Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie - Country: Netherlands - PM: 5 (5E - 0N)
    • David Groep, FOM
    • Arjen Van Rijn, FOM
  • PN.34: STFC - Science and Technology Facilities Council - Country: United Kingdom - PM: 23 (19E)
    • David Kelsey, STFC

Deliverables and Milestones

See the Policy Reports page