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Role of NGI User Support Teams in TNA3.3

The main actors of EGI are the National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) whose work is coordinated by the organisation. NGIs ensure the operation of the grid infrastructures and support services in each country as well as a transparent representation of the requirements of all their scientific communities. The primary responsibility of the User Support Teams (USTs) of the NGIs is to provide services for users that help these users integrate/establish self-sustainable EGI user communities. These services provided by NGI USTs belong to TNA3.3. The services include (but are not restricted to):

What is expected from NGI User Support Teams?

There are a number of formal and informal documents that members of NGI User Support Teams need to read in order to gain a thorough understanding of the user support activities of EGI. Many of these are reports that are produced as part of the official activities dictated by the Description of Work (DoW) for EGI-InSPIRE. The DoW defines many of our activities for the four years of the InSPIRE project.

NGI User Support Teams, primarily the main contacts are expected to be familiar with these resources:

Optional readings:

As a bare minimum it is expected that NGI User Support Teams are proactive in informing the rest of the community about new solutions, experiences and developments. There are number of ways to do so (see D3.1 document for details):

Role of in TNA3.3

NGIs are heterogeneous in terms of the size and composition of their user communities, the size and expertise of their USTs. Consequently, NGIs are not equally active and strong in all the above listed user support fields. E.g. while an NGI UST can be very experienced with application porting, it may have less interest and knowledge on the development of grid portals for end users. On top of that the primary goal of EGI is to attract and serve multi-national, large user communities. To meet these demands the User Community Support Team (UCST) of monitors the status of NGI USTs and help NGIs

The monitoring of NGIs is currently done through face to face and telephone interviews, online and email questionnaires. UCST aims to put a more efficient mechanism in place to simplify the monitoring process and to allow NGIs to "broadcast" relevant information about their user support status and services in an intelligent way to and other NGIs.

User Support contacts in the NGIs

Country Name of main User

Support Contact in the NGI

NGI user support contact (YES)
NGI technical contact (NO)
Albania Neki Frasheri YES
Armenia Hrachya Astsatryan YES
Belarus Oleg Tchij NO
Belgium Rosette Vandenbrouck YES
Bulgaria Aneta Karaivanova YES
Cyprus Andoena Balla YES
Croatia Ivan Maric (through email list) YES
Czech Republic Ivana Krenkova YES
Denmark Michael Gronager YES (also for the whole Nordic region)
Estonia Hardi Teder (through email list) YES
Finland Vera Hansper YES
France Helene Cordier, Geneviève Romier YES
Georgia Nugzar Gamtsemlidze, Ramaz Kvatadze YES
Germany Torsten Antoni YES
Greece Vasileios Gkamas, Kostas Koumantaros YES
Hungary Imre Szeberenyi, Agnes Szeberenyi YES (also through email list)
Ireland David O'Callaghan, Stuart Kenny, John Walsh YES (through email list)
Israel Arad Alper YES
Italy Daniele Cesini, Emidio Giorgio, Claudio Vuerli, Antonio Lagana, Luciano Milanesi, Laura Perini YES
Latvia Leo Truksans, Kaspars Krampis, Dana Ludviga YES
Lithuania Rolandas Naujikas NO
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Anastas Misev YES
Republic of Moldova Nikolai P. Iliuha, Alexandr Golubev YES
Montenegro Lidija Milosavljevic YES
Netherlands Machiel Jansen, Tom Visser YES
Norway Jacko Koster NO
Poland Mariusz Sterzel, Maciej Filocha YES
Portugal Gonçalo Borges YES
Romania Monica Anghel YES
Russian Federation Valeriy Kirichenko YES
Serbia Vladimir Slavnic YES (also through email list)
Slovakia Ladislav Hluchy YES
Slovenia Barbara Krasovec YES (through email list)
Spain Vicente Hernández YES
Sweden Mats Nylén No
Switzerland - -
Turkey Emrah AKKOYUN YES
United Kingdom John Kewley YES
Outside of Europe
Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico Renato Santana, Luciano Diaz, Andres Holguin YES
Taiwan Hsin-Yen Chen, Stella Shen, Vicky Huang Yes (through email list)
Philippines Ms. Nena Carina Española Yes
Indonesia Basuki Suhardiman, Pelita Fajarhati Yes
Republic of Korea Soonwook Hwang Yes

User-related development projects inside the NGIs







NGI User Support Teams - Knowledge base

The purpose of this knowledge base is to collect those services, tools and solutions that NGI USTs can offer for other NGIs and for the EGI collaboration to serve international user communities. The knowledge base also collects requirements from the NGI USTs that EGI must meet in order to facilitate the user support activity within these NGIs. Initial content for the table has been collected in a Requirements_gathering_details#Surveys_for_user_communities by

Knowledge base: Excel file in EGI Humyo

The knowledge base can be updated by NGIs by sending a new version of it to ucst AT egi DOT eu.

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