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The EGI-InSPIRE WP4 (SA1, Operations) coordinates a secure, reliable European-wide production grid infrastructure federated from national grid initiatives that is integrated and interoperates with other grids worldwide. Technical activities include:

  • the maintenance of a secure infrastructure through the establishment of the necessary operational security teams;
  • the validation of new releases of the deployed middleware and operational tools through a coordinated staged roll-out to sites;
  • the establishment of the monitoring services needed to manage the production grid infrastructure;
  • the provisioning of a central accounting database and portal where aggregated use of the infrastructure is recorded;
  • the provisioning of the EGI Helpdesk infrastructure, integrated with national instances, to coordinate activity between the different support teams;
  • the establishment of the necessary support teams within the infrastructure that once integrated with the EGI Helpdesk will respond to user and site support issues;
  • the provisioning of a reliable and consistent production grid infrastructure through the establishment and monitoring of SLAs, documentation and the provision of core grid services.