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IPv6 tests of gLite CREAM CE UMD 2.0

Installation using IPv6-only : OK - Successful

Installation using Dual Stack: OK - Successful

Configuration using IPv6-only : not tried

Configuration using Dual Stack: works -

A): IPv6-only on both C and S (both on server and UI) behavior:

A.1): CREAM basic comamnds

[reale@hepix-ui ~]$ glite-ce-...dt>


A.2): Job Submission

[reale@hepix-ui ~]$ glite-ce-job-submit


B): IPv6-only on Client (UI) behavior: ( Server in Dual Stack Mode)

B.1): CREAM basic commands

[reale@hepix-ui ~]$ glite-ce ....


B.2): Job Submission

[reale@hepix-ui ~]$ glite-ce-job-...