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(Testbed Configuration files for YAIM)
(Information System)
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<LI>Top EMIR </LI>
<LI>Top EMIR </LI>
<LI>Top BDII : gridsrv1-net.dir.garr.it  ( config file:  http://ui2-4.dir.garr.it/IPv6/top-bdii-ipv6.conf ) </LI>
<LI>'''Top BDII : gridsrv1-net.dir.garr.it''' ( config file:  http://ui2-4.dir.garr.it/IPv6/top-bdii-ipv6.conf ) </LI>

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Towards a unified, global EMI, EGI, HEPiX IPv6 testbed for IPv6 analysis and assessments


VOs to be supported

  • net.egi.eu
  • ipv6.hepix.org
  • testers.eu-emi.eu

Testbed Configuration files for YAIM

Information System


Test Campaigns / Reports