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The aim of Preview is making available in a single point the updates of the middleware products as soon as they are released by the product teams. The same updates will also undergo to the usual UMD verification and staged rollout processes, which require several weeks to be completed; instead, through the Preview repository the resource centres administrators can avoid this wait and can apply the updates on their machines as soon as they are announced. Our plan is to release the Preview updates on a monthly basis, after having gathered the relevant information by the product teams.

Note: EGI provides the preview repository without any additional quality assurance process, but the products are released as they are provided by the product team. EGI recommends the use of the UMD repositories, which contain software verified through the quality assurance process of UMD.

Release process

The product teams usually announce a new version of their product by a GGUS ticket or email to URT team. In the announcement it is reported all the relevant information about the update: description of new features and bugfixes, installation and configuration details. The new packages are downloaded and signed, then it is created a new release of the Preview middleware uploading the new packages into the repository. After preparing the release notes, the Preview update is announced.

Starting point: Preview 1.0.0 series

The first Preview release is a mirror of the EMI3 repository, containing the Update 29 (11.11.2015) - v. 3.17.1-1

All the 62 products making part of EMI-3 are included in this first release.

The operative systems supported are:

There is a single repository for all the components and for each OS.


This is the list of products contained in the first release:

Introducing CentOS 7 platform support: Preview 2.0.0 series

The second major release of Preview was created for releasing the products available on CentOS 7 and Scientific Linux 6 platforms that are about to be included in UMD4.

The products available in this first release are only for CentOS 7 platform:

The Scientific Linux 6 products will be available in one of the next updates.

Repository configuration

In order to configure the Preview repository, download it from the EGI Community Repository:

In case of SL6 and centos7, you should give this repository a higher priority than the EPEL one (install yum-priorities for this purpose). Please add also the protect option. For instance, the repository file should look like the following one:

# EGI Applications Database (
# EGI Community repository (
# POA ID:327
# Created: 2016-02-23 12:01:50 EEST
name=Repository for preview.repository (o/s: sl6 arch: x86_64)
# To use priorities you must have yum-priorities installed

Then you have to disable/comment/delete the EMI or UMD repositories (if installed) on your machines in order to avoid any mismatch.

GPG Keys

The packages contained in Preview 1.0.0 are all signed with the EMI GPG Key. The public key can be downloaded from here here, and the fingerprint.asc from here here.

Starting from the update 1.1.0 and Preview 2.0, a different GPG key was used for signing the new packages. Here you can find the public key and the fingerprint.

Updates Released

Updates Incoming

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