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ARC 15.03 update 12


The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware is an Open Source software solution to enable distributed computing infrastructures with the emphasis on processing large volumes of data. ARC provides an abstraction layer over computational resources, complete with input and output data movement functionalities. The security model of ARC is identical to that of Grid solutions, relying on delegation of user credentials and the concept of Virtual Organisations. ARC also provides client tools, as well as API in C++, Python and Java.

Release notes

This is a bugfix release, addressing a vulnerability discovered in 15.03u11.

The vulnerability is related to the performance logging feature, specifically to the folder /var/log/arc/perfdata and its given permissions. The issue is not considered severe, but additional protective measures have anyway been introduced. From version 15.03u12 the folder in mention will only be created if the system administrator explicitly asks for it.

The performance logging feature is off by default, both in this and earlier versions of ARC. In this version, in addition the folder will only be created if the feature is turned on.

If you want to enable the performance logging for debugging purposes or other specific reasons, this is as before done in your configuration settings. The flag to turn on the performance logging has changed from "yes" to "expert-debug-on", see documentation.

NorduGrid ARC 15.03 has received an update to:

  • core, clients, CE, Infosys and gridftp - from version 5.2.1 to 5.2.2
  • documents - from 2.0.12 to 2.0.13

Nagios plugins, CAnL C++ and metapackages are unchanged.

See the release notes for details.

APEL 1.5.1-1


APEL is an accounting tool that collects accounting data from sites participating in the EGI and WLCG infrastructures as well as from sites belonging to other Grid organisations that are collaborating with EGI, including OSG, NorduGrid and INFN.

The accounting information is gathered from different sensors into a central accounting database where it is processed to generate statistical summaries that are available through the EGI/WLCG Accounting Portal.

Statistics are available for view in different detail by Users, VO Managers, Site Administrators and anonymous users according to well defined access rights.

More information on the APEL page.

Release notes

  • Add support for Torque 5.1.2 time duration format.
  • Change dirq call to use absolute path to support versions of dirq >= 1.7.
  • Fix crash when StAR loader encouters a valid XML file with no records in it.

APEL SSM 2.1.7-1


Secure Stomp Messenger (SSM) is the messaging system used by APEL to transmit messages. It is written in Python and uses the STOMP protocol.

We would be happy to hear any comments you have about SSM - design, packaging, documentation or anything else - email

More information on the APEL/SSM page.

Release notes

  • Added a delay when receiver is reconnecting to improve reliability.