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ARC 15.03 update 9


The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware is an Open Source software solution to enable distributed computing infrastructures with the emphasis on processing large volumes of data. ARC provides an abstraction layer over computational resources, complete with input and output data movement functionalities. The security model of ARC is identical to that of Grid solutions, relying on delegation of user credentials and the concept of Virtual Organisations. ARC also provides client tools, as well as API in C++, Python and Java.

Release notes

This update includes a minor update of ARC to version 5.1.3. In addition to several bug fixes this release introduces two auxiliary tools to (a) generate backtraces from core dumps generated by ARC and (b) to convert delegation DBs between BDB and SQLite. Additionally, all ARC services kan now be managed through the systemd system, as required by the newest Fedora.

This changes the following component versions:

  • ARC core, clients, CE, Infosys and gridftp - from version 5.1.2 to 5.1.3
  • documents - from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9
  • gangliarc - from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

See the release notes for details.

FTS 3 - 3.4.7


FTS3 is the service responsible for globally distributing the majority of the LHC data across the WLCG infrastructure. Is a low level data movement service, responsible for reliable bulk transfer of files from one site to another while allowing participating sites to control the network resource usage

Release notes

Detailed release notes at this page.

VOMS clients 3.0.7, VOMS Admin 3.5.0, VOMS 2.0.14 and more

The updated components are:

  • VOMS clients 3.0.7: starting from this release voms-proxy-init generates RFC proxies by default
  • VOMS Admin 3.5.0: which fixes problems found in former releases and introduces new features. More details in the release notes
  • VOMS server 2.0.14: which provides improved certificate validation error reporting
  • VOMS C/C++ APIs 2.0.14: which provide improved certificate chain type detection and validation, mainly targeted at support for RFC proxy certificate chains
  • VOMS MySQL plugin 3.1.7: which fixes a problem with data types used in some queries which caused improper logging of user IDs in VOMS server logs

For instructions, refer to the releases section.