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APEL Client/Server 1.6.1

APEL is an accounting tool that collects accounting data from sites participating in the EGI and WLCG infrastructures as well as from sites belonging to other Grid organisations that are collaborating with EGI, including OSG, NorduGrid and INFN.

The accounting information is gathered from different sensors into a central accounting database where it is processed to generate statistical summaries that are available through the EGI/WLCG Accounting Portal.

Statistics are available for view in different detail by Users, VO Managers, Site Administrators and anonymous users according to well defined access rights.

More information on the APEL page.

Release notes:

  • [Parsers] Removed version restriction from LSF parser so that it can
  • additionally work with version 10 onwards.
  • Added more columns to cloud summaries primary key to prevent mis-grouping.
  • Added Python setup script to enable installation on non-RHEL-based systems.
  • Made the updating of record timestamps in the database explicit.
  • Added type checking to float and datetime fields in the Python code.

frontier-squid 3.5.27-3.1

The frontier-squid software package is a patched version of the standard squid http proxy cache software, pre-configured for use by the Frontier distributed database caching system. This installation is recommended for use by Frontier in the LHC CMS & ATLAS projects, and also works well with the CernVM FileSystem. Many people also use it for other applications as well

Release notes:

FTS 3.7.8

FTS3 is the service responsible for globally distributing the majority of the LHC data across the WLCG infrastructure. Is a low level data movement service, responsible for reliable bulk transfer of files from one site to another while allowing participating sites to control the network resource usage

Detailed release notes at this page.

srm-ifce 1.24.3

Description and release notes:

STORM 1.11.13

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.13 that includes the following updated components:

IMPORTANT: If you’re upgrading from StoRM v1.11.11 (or earlier), read carefully the upgrade instructions here.

See the post describing the new release:

Read the release notes for more details.

xrootd 4.8.1

XRootD software framework is a fully generic suite for fast, low latency and scalable data access, which can serve natively any kind of data, organized as a hierarchical filesystem-like namespace, based on the concept of directory. As a general rule, particular emphasis has been put in the quality of the core software parts.

Detailled release notes at