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Workpackages and Tasks within EGI-InSPIRE

PPT extract: Q1 May-July 2010

Report of efforts per WP and per tasks [1]

WP1: Management

Task 1: Activity Management (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

Task 2: Project and Consortium Management (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

Task 3: Technical Management (Steven Newhouse,

Task 4: Quality Assurance (Catherine Gater, Project Manager,

WP2: External Relations

Task 1: Activity Management (Steven Newhouse,

Task 2: Dissemination (Catherine Gater, Dissemination Manager,

Task 3: Policy Development (Sergio Andreozzi, Policy Development Manager,

Task 4: Event Management (Rob van der Meer, Organisation Manager,

WP3: User Community Coordination

Task 1: Activity Management (Steve Brewer, CCO,

Task 2: User & Community Support Team (Steve Brewer, CCO,

Task 3: NGI User Support Teams (Gergely Sipos,

Task 4: Technical Services (Marios Chatziangelou, IASA)

WP4: Operations

Task 1: Activity Management (T. Ferrari,

Task 2: A Secure Infrastructure (M. Ma, STFC)

Task 3: Service Deployment (M. David, LIP)

Task 4: Infrastructure for Grid Management (Emir Imamagic, SRCE)

Task 5: Accounting (J. Gordon, STFC)

Task 6: Helpdesk Infrastructure (T. Antoni, KIT)

Task 7: Support Teams (Ron Trompert, SARA)

Task 8 Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure (C. Kanellopoulos, AUTH)

WP5: Provisioning the Software Infrastructure (SA2)

Task 1: Activity Management (CTO,

Task 2: Definition of UMD Quality Criteria (Enol Fernandez, CSIC)

Task 3: Verification of Conformance Criteria (Carlos Fernandez, CESGA)

Task 4: Provision of a Software Repository and Support Tools (Kostas Koumantaros, GRNET)

Task 5: Deployed Middleware Support Unit (Michael Gronager, NDGF)

WP6: Services for the Heavy User Community

Task 1: Activity Management (Jamie Shiers, CERN)

Task 2: Shared Services & Tools (Jamie Shiers, CERN)

Task 3: Services for HEP (Maria Girone, CERN)

Task 4: Services for LS (Johan Montagnat, CNRS)

Task 5: Services for A&A (Claudio Vuerli, deputy Giuliano Taffoni, INAF)

Task 6: Services for ES (Horst Schwichtenberg, SCAI)

WP7: Operational Tools

Task 1: Activity Management (Daniele Cesini, INFN)

Task 2: Maintenance and Development of deployed Operational Tools (Torsten Antoni, KIT)

Task 3: National Deployment Models (Tiziana Ferrari, COO,

Task 4: Accounting for different resource types (John Gordon, STFC)

Task 5: Integrated Operational Portal (Cyril L'Orphelin, CNRS)