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Task leader: Marco Verlato/INFN
Task leader deputy: Viet Tran/IISAS

Mailing list:egi-engage-wp4.4 at


Accelerated computing systems deliver energy efficient and powerful HPC capabilities. Many EGI sites are providing accelerated computing technologies to enable high performance processing such as GPGPUs or MIC co-processors. Currently these accelerated capabilities are not directly supported by the EGI platforms. To use the co-processors capabilities available at resource centre level, users must directly interact with the local provider to get information about the type of resources and software libraries available and which submission queues must be used to submit tasks of accelerated computing. This task will implement the support in the information system, to expose the correct information about the accelerated computing technologies available – both software and hardware – at site level, developing a common extension of the information system structure, based on OGF GLUE standard, in order to have the capabilities published uniformly by all the sites. Users will then be able to extract all the information directly from the information system without interacting with the sites, and easily use resources provided by multiple sites. The task will also extend the HTC and cloud middleware support for co-processors, where needed, in order to provide a transparent and uniform way to allocate these resources together with CPU cores efficiently to the users.

Involved Partner

Previous work

Current activity

Reports at the EGI Conferences


Project month

Work to be done




(reponsible person)

1 Collection of people names and population of mailing lists Communications in place T. Ferrari COMPLETE
2 Review of available technologies for using GPUs in grid and cloud  

Resume of EGI-Inspire GPGPU VT

Kick-off and GPGPU VT handover meeting M.Verlato COMPLETE
3 Review of available technologies for using GPUs in grid and cloud  

Analysis of requirements from user communities

Discussion at GPGPU session at EGI Conference M.Verlato COMPLETE
4 End of review of available technologies for using GPUs in grid and cloud  

End of analysis of requirements from user communities

Status report (to be included in Milestone 1.2 First intermediate report) and wiki pages M.Verlato COMPLETE
7 Modification/configuration at site level (OS driver, hypervisor, CMF, VM images) for supporting GPUs in cloud  

Definition of abstract GPU-related CREAM JDL attributes to be mapped in the supported batch systems

Cloud site with working GPU and installation manual  

Update of the CREAM JDL specification document

10 First step of integration with FedCloud (AppDB, accounting, brokering, ...)  

First implementation of GPU support in CREAM

Tools and configuration manual, possible some demonstration  

GPU-enabled CREAM prototype released for testing

15 Revision of available technologies, further improvement and extension of supporting GPUs in FedCloud  

End of testing of GPU-enabled CREAM prototype and feedback collection

Technical report contributing to Project Periodic Report (first period)  

Full GPU support put in the roadmap of the official final GPU-enabled CREAM release



Project month

Work to be done




(reponsible person)


Collecting user experiences in using GPGPU in Cloud

Analysing new requirements and available technologies

Preparing for extended support for GPGPU in Cloud

Discussion at DI4R Conference, updated wiki Viet Tran -

Extending support for GPGPU on new platform/CMF

New site with GPGPU based on new CMF

Installation/configuration manual

Guides for user communities

Viet Tran -

Modifying/Updating FedCloud tools for supporting GPGPU at sites (accounting, BDII) 

Cooperating with WP3 on adding support for GPGPU at central services 

Updated tools for generating accounting records and site BDII with GPGPU data Viet Tran -

Full integration to EGI FedCloud

Sites integrated Viet Tran -

Revision of available technologies, user experiences

Contributing to Project technical report Viet Tran