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General Project Information

  • Leader: John Walsh (TCD, Ireland)
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: Finished
  • Start Date: June 7, 2012
  • End Date: August 7, 2012


GPGPU (General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units) is the use of a GPU (graphics processing unit) as a co-processor to accelerate CPUs for general purpose scientific and engineering computing. The GPU accelerates applications running on the CPU by offloading some of the compute-intensive and time consuming portions of the code. The rest of the application still runs on the CPU. From a user’s perspective, the application runs faster because it is using the massively parallel processing power of the GPU to boost performance. Experiments with the use of GPGPUs for scientific computing are already ongoing within various NGIs, existing and potential EGI user communities. This Virtual Team project aims to collect detailed requirements from existing and new EGI user communities and their support teams about using GPGPU services in the European Grid Infrastructure. The requirements will used by the EGI Operations community (through the OMB), the EGI User Community (through the UCB) and the EGI Technology Community (through the TCB) to define and implement extensions in the EGI e-infrastructure services in order to meet the communities demand for GPGPU computing.


The output of VT is a list of detailed user and resource providers requirements which were collected using survey sent to all VO managers and resource centers for using GPGPU computing services in the European Grid Infrastructure. All requirements captured were handed over to operations of EGI.

The achievements were presented at:


  1. Define survey(s) that could be used by the EGI community to map out the interest of existing and potential new user communities for GPGPU computing in EGI.
  2. Survey user communities directly and/or through their support teams from NGIs, VOs, projects.
  3. Analyse and normalise the collected requirements, request clarifications where needed.
  4. Submit the detailed requirements to the EGI Operations community, the EGI User Community and the EGI Technology Community.

If needed the project can involve these communities at any stage through the regular OBM, UCB and TCB meetings.

Use Cases



Information about the open/closed surveys during the lifetime of GPGPU VT.

GPGPU User Community

Release date: 02 August 2012
Deadline for submission: 13 September 2012

You can find a PDF versions of the survey:

It is a fill-in form PDF (Acrobat Reader X allows to save forms) and can be used for your convenience, but submit your official answer using the online survey.

Information gathered through these surveys will be used to extract user requirements and send them to the Operations Management Board (OMB).

GPGPU Resource Centre

Release date: 02 August 2012
Deadline for submission: 13 September 2012


Site administrators managing GPGPU resources


The purpose of this Resource Centre survey is to gauge how the Resource Centre administrators (intend to) deploy and integrate GPGPUs or other accelerated devices into the Grid (or hybrid Grid/Cloud infrastructures), or whether they shall use grid/cloud resources at all for this purpose.

Information collected through the survey will be aggregated with information from other sites, and will be used by the relevant EGI teams to define a technical roadmap. Information will be also aggregated at a national level and provided to NGI representatives to allow the definition of NGI-specific action plans.

How to participate

Have a preview of the survey looking at the pdf version: GPGPU Resource Centre (PDF) It is a fill-in form PDF (Acrobat Reader X allows to save forms). In order to submit your official answer, please go to the online survey below.

To participate go to GPGPU Resource Centre survey


  • Ireland (Leader)
    • John Walsh (TCD)
  • Bulgaria
    • Emanouil Atanassov (IICT-BAS)
    • Todor Gurov (IICT-BAS)
    • Aneta Karaivanova (IICT-BAS)
  • Italy
    • Andrea Giachetti (CIRMMP)
  • Poland
    • Mariusz Sterzel (CYFRONET)
    • Mariusz Mamoński (PSNC)
    • Maciej Filocha (ICM Uniwersytet Warszawski)
    • Radek Januszewski (PSNC)
  • Ukraine
    • Oleksandr Savytskyi (IMBG of NAS of Ukraine)
  • United Kingdom
    • Abdeslem DJAOUI (STFC)
  • Spain
    • Miguel Cárdenas-Montes (CIEMAT)
    • Pablo Briongos Rabadán (CSIC)
  • France
    • Andrea Sartirana (CNRS)
    • Sophie Ferry (CEA)
    • Pierrick MICOUT (CEA)
  • Netherlands
    • Jan Just Keijser (FOM) support:

  • Karolis Eigelis (, Netherlands)
  • Nuno Ferreira (, Netherlands)
  • Gergely Sipos (, Netherlands)
  • T. Ferrari (, Netherlands)

For subscription email to and !


The project is looking for representatives of scientific communities and of NGIs who are interested in participating in the requirement gathering and normalisation tasks. Members of NGI, VRC, VO and project specific User Support Teams are encouraged to join the project.

Rough Timelines

  1. Total PM = 3 Months
  2. PM 1 Draft User Survey
  3. PM 2 Release Survey - Feedback Time 4-6 Weeks)
  4. PM 3 Extract User Requirements - Feedback to OMB.


*June 7, 14:00CET first VT GPGPU EVO phone meeting | Minutes


VT GPGPU weekly reports: