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Help and support:


Description Type How measured Target PM12 Target PM24 Target PM30
KPI.1.JRA2.OpenData Number of open research datasets that can be published, discovered, used and reused by EGI applications/tools Cumulative Number of open datasets published in the EGI Application DB and/or Market Place plus number of open data archives used by applications/tools run in EGI (the latter requires a survey to VOs and VRCs) 0
KPI.2.SA1.Intergation Number of RIs and e-Infrastructures integrated with EGI Cumulative Number of RIs and e-Infrastructures that are NOT participants of egi using at least one service from either Core, Collaboration or a Community Platform (via MoU or OLA) 9
KPI.3.SA1.Software Number of new registered software items and VM appliances Per period Numbers of new registered software and VM Appliances in AppDB 50/50
KPI.4.SA1.Cloud Number of providers offering compute and storage capacity accessible through open standard interfaces Cumulative Number of Cloud resource centres registering in GOCDB interfaces exposing standard API: OCCI, CDMI... 25
KPI.5.SA2.Users Number of researchers served by EGI Cumulative Number of users registered in VOs 40 000
45 000
47 000
KPI.6.JRA1.AAI Number of users adopting federated IdP Cumulative Number of users accessing EGI services through the IdP Proxy/broker TBD
KPI.7.SA2.Users Number of new research communities served Per period Number of new international and national VOs 20
KPI.8.SA1.Users Number of VO SLAs established Cumulative Number of VO SLAs established regarding to HTC, Cloud and Operations tools 4
KPI.9.NA2.Communication Number of scientific publications supported by EGI Cumulative The Communication Team requests NGIs to provide a list of publications; the publications are then aggregated in a master list and categorised by NGI NA
KPI.10.NA2.Communication Number of relevant authorities informed of the policy paper on procurement Cumulative Number of authorities that confirmed reception of the document 5
KPI.11.SA1.Users User satisfaction Average Satisfaction of Long tail of science and VO managers with whom EGI has SLA (1 to 5 scale ) 4
KPI.12.NA2.Industry Number of services, demonstrators and project ideas running on EGI for SMEs and industry Cumulative RT (dedicated queue for business engagement) 2
KPI.13.SA2.Support Number of delivered knowledge transfer events Per period Internal registry 15
KPI.14.SA1.Size Number of compute available to international research communities and long tail of science Cumulative TBD TBD TBD
KPI.15.SA1.Size Number of storage available to international research communities and long tail of science Cumulative TBD TBD TBD
KPI.16.SA2.Support Number of international support cases (for/with RIs, projects, industry) Cumulative Number of tickets in technical-support-cases RT queue 30
KPI.17.SA1.Size Number of compute resources available to the long tail of science Cumulative Amount of resources (Cores) supporting the long-tail VO 300

Activity Metrics

Description Type Task
M.NA1.Quality.1 Percentage of deliverables and milestones delivered on Per period 1.3
M.NA2.Communication.1 Percentage of articles, news, blog posts about or contributed by user communities and NGIs/EIROs with respect to the total of items published in EGI’s channels Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.2 Number of unique visitors to the website Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.3 Number of pageviews on the website Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.4 Number of news items published Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.5 Number of events with participation of EGI Champions Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.6 Number of case studies published Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Communication.7 Attendee-days per event Per period 2.1
M.NA2.Strategy.1 Number of EGI impact assessment reports circulated to the stakeholders Cumulative 2.2
M.NA2.Strategy.2 Number of MoUs involving or EGI-Engage as a project Cumulative 2.2
M.NA2.Strategy.3 Number of SLAs established paying customers Cumulative 2.2
M.NA2.Industry.1 Number of engaged SMEs/Industry contacts Cumulative 2.3
M.NA2.Industry.2 Number of establish collaborations with SMEs/Industry (with MoU) Per period 2.3
M.NA2.Industry.3 Number of requirements gathered from market analysis activities Per period 2.3
M.JRA1.AAI.1 Number of communities whose IdP framework integrates with EGI AAI Cumulative 3.1
M.JRA1.Marketplace.1 Number of entries in the EGI Marketplace (i.e. services, applications etc.) Cumulative 3.2
M.JRA1.Accounting.1 Number of kinds of data repository systems integrated with the EGI accounting software Cumulative 3.3
M.JRA1.Accounting.2 Number of kinds of storage systems integrated with the EGI accounting software Cumulative 3.3
M.JRA1.OpsTools.1 Number of new requirements introduced in the roadmap Per period 3.4
M.JRA1.OpsTools.2 Number of probes developed to monitor cloud resources Per period 3.4
M.JRA1.eGrant.1 Number of user requests handled in e-GRANT Per period 3.5
M.JRA2.Cloud.1 Number of VM instances managed through AppDB GUI Average
M.JRA2.Cloud.2 Percentage of cloud providers providing snapshot support Per period 4.2
M.JRA2.Cloud.3 Percentage of cloud providers providing VM resizing support Per period 4.2
M.JRA2.Cloud.4 Number of OCCI implementation supporting OCCI 1.2 Per period 4.2
M.JRA2.Cloud.5 Number of new OCCI implementations for existing or new CMFs. Per period 4.2
M.JRA2.Integration.1 Number of European cloud providers in the federated Astronomy community cloud Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.Integration.2 Number of virtual appliances shared Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.Integration.3 Number of different datasets replicated across CADC and EGI Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.Integration.4 Number of EUDAT services integrated with the HTC and Cloud platforms of EGI Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.Integration.5 Number of open research datasets replicated in the federated cloud for scalable access by iMARINE VREs Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.Integration.6 Number of research clouds that interoperate with EGI federated cloud: community clouds, integrated, peer Cumulative 4.3
M.JRA2.AcceleratedComputing.1 Number of batch systems for which GPGPU integration is possible to be supported through CREAM Cumulative 4.4
M.JRA2.AcceleratedComputing.2 Number of Cloud Middleware Frameworks for which GPGPU integration is supported and implemented Cumulative 4.4
M.JRA2.AcceleratedComputing.3 Number of level 3 disciplines with user applications that can use federated accelerated computing Cumulative 4.4
M.SA1.Operations.1 Amount of federated HTC compute capacity (EGI participants and integrated) Cumulative 5.1
M.SA1.Operations.2 Amount of federated HTC storage capacity (EGI participants and integrated): (Disk, Tape) Cumulative 5.1
M.SA1.Operations.3 Amount of allocated resources (storage) allocated through a EGI centrally managed pool of resources Cumulative 5.1
M.SA1.Operations.4 Amount of allocated resources (logical cores) allocated through a EGI centrally managed pool of resources Cumulative 5.1
M.SA1.Operations.5 Number of new products distributed with UMD Per period
M.SA1.SecurityOperations.1 Number of security policies and procedures updated reviewed and adapted to support new services Per period 5.2
M.SA1.Platforms.1 Number of gCUBE VREs instantiated on the Federated Cloud for the iMARINE community Cumulative 5.3
M.SA1.Platforms.2 Number of CPU time consumed by e-CEO challenges (hours * cores) Per period 5.3
M.SA2.UserSupport.1 Number of training modules produced and kept up-to-date Cumulative 6.2
M.SA2.UserSupport.2 HTC Absolute normalized time to a reference value of HEPSPEC06 (excluding OPS and dteam) per 1 level disciplines Per period 6.2
M.SA2.UserSupport.3 HTC Relative increase normalized time to a reference value of HEPSPEC06 (excluding OPS and dteam) per 1 level disciplines Per period 6.2
M.SA2.UserSupport.4 Relative increase of users per 1 level disciplines Per period 6.2
M.SA2.UserSupport.5 HTC Number of Low/Medium/High Activity VOs and total Per period 6.2
M.SA2.UserSupport.6 Number of VM instantiated in Federated Cloud per 1 level discipline Per period 6.2
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