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WP leader: Yannick Legre/

WP contact:


This work package will be led by the Administrative and Finance Coordinator (AFC) and will oversee the overall quality management and risk management, define monitoring and reporting process and metrics at a project and activity level. The WP will also manage the consortium and its evolution, perform the administrative and financial coordination, the contractual and ethical management, the reporting on progresses, the high-level supervision in all the work packages, the internal review of milestones, deliverables, the risk analysis and will define contingency plans. CSIC will be responsible for the maintenance of the tool for the tracking of the metrics. EGI-Engage will be divided into the following reporting periods:

Intermediate reports will be provided at M7 and M22. The AFC will lead the production of project-wide reports (i.e. the intermediate reports, the periodic report and the final report).

Task Leaders

To contact all task leaders (see below), send mail to 

Task Name Task Leader Deputy Email
Administrative and Financial Management
Celine Bitoune

celine.bitoune AT
NA1.2 Technical Management Tiziana Ferrari AT
NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management Malgorzata Krakowian

malgorzata.krakowian AT /

Involved partners


Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

(Leader:, M1 - M30)

Estimated task effort: 21.5PM

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

(Leader:, M1 - M30)

Estimated task effort: 60PM
Detailed technical management of the project's activities is split across the project's main technical functions. Technical management is executed through the Activity Management Board and the Technology Coordination Board. This task is responsible for the coordination with external Technology Providers and other e-Infrastructures.

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

(Leader:, M1 - M30)

The objective of this task – led by the AFC – is to perform risk management, ensure the monitoring and assessment of progress and results across the project. The task leader will coordinate work involving the activity managers to ensure the delivery and adherence to a quality plan that will define the project’s main quality processes. Activities include the preparation of deliverables, internal reviews, periodic reviews and post-review follow-up, activity-specific processes, basic rules for EGI-Engage publications, practicalities concerning the functioning of the management boards, as well as the tools and metrics that will be applied in many of these processes. This task will perform risk identification and analysis impacting the EGI-Engage project, and measure the project’s progresses across activity areas (i.e., networking, service, joint research). Most of the partners in EGI-Engage are organisations with an established policy of equal gender opportunities. The EGI-Engage management is committed to ensure equal opportunity, according to EU rules and guidelines, when hiring the new project staff. In parallel, the project coordinator will strive to keep the institutions that are part of the consortium positively motivated towards gender issues by raising awareness at management level.


The following gives an overview of deliverables. Schedule

Code Title
Quality plan for Period 1 (R)
Risk analysis and risk response for Period 1 (R)
Report of quality status and quality plan for Period 2 (R)
Risk analysis and risk response for Period 2 (R)
Report of quality status for Period 2 (R)


The following gives an overview of milestones scheduled

Milestone Title
Execution plan
First intermediate report
M1.3 Second intermediate report


Activity Metrics

Description Type Task
M.NA1.Quality.1 Percentage of deliverables and milestones delivered on Per period 1.3

Internal Documents

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