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Report person months

To report person-months follow the next steps:


  1. Select the menu option Reporting/reporting costs;
  2. Select the desired reporting period. It's status should be "Open", otherwise you cannot enter data;
  3. Select the work package for which you want to report;
  4. Select the expenditure type tab "Personnel costs" (is default selected)

Now you can enter the person-months per individual and for a given period and work package:


  1. Create a new row by clicking the New link
  2. Add the name of the involved person;
  3. Add person months for given period. Use a point as decimal separator;
  4. Select the correct task within the chosen work package;
  5. Click Save changes

Repeat those 5 actions until all persons months records have been inserted and filled in, like


Repeat the above actions for every work package your institute is involved into.


Finalizing reporting the person-months

After entering all the person-months for the given period for all work packages and for all the persons involved for your organisation, you have to submit this data to inform the coordinator that you are ready.


Please click the checkbox as shown in the screenshot above.

Note: after selecting this checkbox you are not able to modify entered records or enter new records. Neither you are able to unselect this checkbox.

If you need to get this checkbox unselected please contact the project office at egi-engage-po[at]