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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 01 August 2011 14h00 Amsterdam time

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 EMI-1 release status (Cristina)

Slides: ODP, PDF

1.2 Staged Rollout (Mario)

1.2.1 gLite 3.2

1.2.2 UMD1

1.3 Interoperability

Gert Svensson now officially taking over.


nothing new since last time.



First almost complete Draft now planned for Tuesday. Just input from Monitoring will be missing.

2. Operational Issues

2.1 gLite 3.2 critical bugs & patches

2.2 Quarterly Reports

The reports and the metrics for the Q5 should be submitted by today! Missing metrics: Lithuania, Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Belarus, Slovenia, Armenia, Bosnia, Denmark, Modlova, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus.

2.3 gLite 3.1 deployed services

NGIs should collect informations about the gLite 3.1 currently deployed services. Most of them are already out of support. See the previous meeting agenda to have a better overview. The critical services still widely deployed are:

NGIs are kindly requested to gather informations about these services across their site managers. In particular it would be important to know how many glite3.1 instances cannot upgrade to EMI-1 (e.g. because old hardware not supported by SL5).

3. AOB

3.3 Next meetings

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