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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 18 July 2011 14h00 Amsterdam time

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 EMI-1 release status (Cristina)

1.2. EMI/UMD current status

1.3. Staged Rollout (Mario)

1.3.1 EMI1 - UMD1
  • Products in staged rollout: aiming for UMD1.1 (1st August)
    • MyProxy (proxyrenewal) update: first release in UMD1.0
    • Unicore-UVOS update: first release in UMD1.0
  • Product in verification: aiming for UMD1.1 (1st August)
    • StoRM
    • WMS
    • MPI
    • L&B update: first release in UMD1.0
    • arc-infosys: pending new bdii update
    • dCache: pending EAs to commit
  • Products foreseen for UMD1.2 (15 September):
    • arc-ce.
    • VOMS and LFC Oracle.
    • Globus components.
1.3.2 Operational Tools
  • SAM/Nagios update 12

1.4 Interoperability (Michaela, this week on holiday)

General points:

  • Taskforce leadership handover:
Michaela Barth will go on maternal leave. Gert Svensson will take over from 1st of August.
  • Collecting input for MS414 Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure
Successor of last years MS407. Hoping to be able to collect all input by the end of this month to be ready for internal review. No feedback yet from monitoring, accounting and GGUS.
  • A middleware independent site wide information service (like a gLite site BDII) and a good plan for it seems to be missing. This effects especially the execution of the site certification procedure PROC09 . Leads to discussion of ugly workarounds in the taskforces. Should possibly be discussed at the TCB.
  • Focus on accounting during the next months.
UNICORE integration task force
Globus integration task force

2. Operational Issues

2.1 gLite 3.1 components deployed

2.1.1 gLite 3.1 supported components
gLite component gLite 3.1 support In UMD 1.0 In UMD 1.1 In UMD 1.2 Instances deployed for glite3.1
glite-CLUSTER End of Standard Updates on 31/10/2011 YES YES YES -
glite-CREAM Not Supported YES YES YES 6
glite-FTS Only Security Updates until 07/10/2011 NO NO YES -
glite-GLEXEC_wn Not Supported YES YES YES -
glite-HYDRA_mysql Not Supported NO NO ?YES? -
glite-LB Not Supported YES YES YES 76
glite-LFC_mysql Not Supported YES YES YES 18
glite-LFC_oracle Not Supported NO ?YES? YES -
glite-MPI_utils Not Supported NO YES YES -
glite-SE_dpm Not Supported YES YES YES 65
glite-PX Not Supported YES YES YES -
dCache Not Supported NO YES YES
glite-UI Not Supported YES YES YES -
glite-VOMS_mysql Not Supported YES YES YES VOMS glite3.1 not published in top-bdii
glite-VOMS_oracle Not Supported NO NO YES -
glite-WMS Ok NO YES YES -
glite-WN Not Supported YES YES YES -
lcg-CE End of Standard Updates on 31/10/2011 NO NO NO -

Official gLite web page

The best practice would be to upgrade unsupported services. In case of critical bugs or software vulnerabilities no patches will be released. Would it be possible for NGIs to report the sites that cannot upgrade their glite3.1 services to EMI (e.g. because old hardware?)?

  • The list of components can be retrieved only partly from BDII.
  • The data will be an useful input to discuss the possibility to plan an upgrade campaign.

3. AOB

3.1 Argus gLite 3.2

The support schedule for ARGUS is currently consistent with the other gLite3.2 components: security updates until April 2012 (release EMI-2).

This is a problem for the ARGUS PT, developers cannot put effort on developing patches for the gLite 3.2 release of the component. EMI is considering to officially drop the ARGUS support in gLite 3.2.
NGIs should report if there are sites that need gLite 3.2 ARGUS, and that need support for this version of the service. This topic will be discussed in the next OMB July 26th.

3.2 Report glite3.2 critical problems

EMI's Support policy for gLite 3.2 is to port patches only for critical bugs. Any minor update will not be released for glite 3.2
Operations Managers are kindly invited to report during the Operations Meeting bugs and problems affecting gLite 3.2 services, or patches available for EMI releases that should be also ported to gLite3.2.
If Operations Managers agree, the request to rise the priority of the patch should come from the EGI operations community, rather than a single site/NGI.

3.3 Next meetings

  • 1st August 2011
  • 22nd August 211