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| Björn Hagemeier
| Björn Hagemeier
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== Collaborations ==
== Collaborations ==

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The EGI Federated Cloud

The European Grid Infrastructure’s (EGI) resource centers have been providing services for collaborative, compute- and data-intensive applications for over a decade. These services use grid middleware software developed and delivered to EGI by external technology providers. Besides these established services, several National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) are now offering privately run cloud services to their country’s researchers. Many of these researchers want to share this capability within their international research collaborations, a model similar to the way the grid emerged over a decade ago through the federation of institutional batch computing clusters.

The EGI Federated Cloud is the outcome of this effort to setup of a pan-European federated cloud based on the resources of the NGIs and other European organizations.

What the EGI Federated Cloud can do for you

If you are a scientists, a member of a research project or a user service provider, the EGI Federated Cloud can provide you with a flexible environment to run your application and services. For more information, you can browse to the FedCloud Users page.

If you are an organization, an institution or a company which provides (or is willing to provide) cloud resources, the EGI Federated Cloud can link you to a wide research and public European network, supporting you in the provision of cloud-based services to your and other pan-European user communities. For more information, you can browse to the FedCloud Resource Providers page.


The EGI Federation model aggregates Cloud resources by defining a set of standard open-source interfaces and protocols to access the different cloud functions - such as resource discovery, user authentication, compute and data access services - in a uniform way at all the sites, enabling workloads to span and seamlessly migrate across resource centers.

Also, the EGI Federation serves its sites with shared systems of monitoring, accounting, marketplace, image repository, etc... making easier the life of users and service providers.

A detailed view of the federation model, standards and interfaces is in the FedCloud Technology page.


The EGI Federated Cloud has three types of members:

  1. User communities. Individuals and institutions that use already or plan to use cloud technologies for their activities. If you want to register yourself or your user community to the EGI FedCloud services, you can follow the instructions in this page
  2. Resource providers. Institutions and companies that contribute to the FedCloud providing access to their cloud infrastructure via the Federation. If you are interested in joining the FedCloud as a resource provider, you can follow the instructions in this page
  3. Technology providers. Institutions and companies that develop cloud technologies and contribute technical know how and development effort for the Federation. If you are interested in helping the FedCloud technology design and development, you can follow the instructions in this page

Related Projects

The EGI Federated Cloud is the outcome of a set of separated projects, who contributed to the design, development and implementation of the different parts of the system. A list of the projects is reported below


The EGI Federated Cloud established collaboration with a set of related European projects:


The FedCloud system is currently in a test bed state, but several of its sites are already available for international research collaborations to use. The current testbed sites lists and status is reported here