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The EGI Federated Cloud is part of EGI infrastructure. It's a seamless network of academic private clouds and virtualised resources, built around open standards and focusing on the requirements of the scientific community. The Federated Cloud is targeted at researchers and research communities that need to access digital resources on a flexible environment.

The EGI Federated Cloud currently federates OpenStack, OpenNebula and Synnefo technology based clouds, and allocates them for scientific research and education. When using EGI Federated Cloud resources, researchers and research communities can count on:

If you are a scientist, a member of a research project or a user service provider, the EGI Federated Cloud can provide you with a flexible environment to run your application and services. EGI Federated Cloud intends to solve specific compatibility problems that researchers have migrating between Resource Centres in search of larger capacity. Researchers are usually confronted with the decision of abandoning the migration or investing in the re-development of their application or interface for the new environment.

If you are an organization, an institution or a company which provides (or is willing to provide) cloud resources, the EGI Federated Cloud can link you to a wide research and public European network, supporting you in the provision of cloud-based services to your and other pan-European user communities. Resource Centres benefit from EGI Federated Cloud, as they can offer their computing resources to a broader base of research-users. Ultimately, a more effective usage of the available resources benefits not only research community but also European society as a whole.

Getting started

For the meaning of the terms in the following guides, please refer to the EGI Glossary.

Overview This introduction page.
For users Individuals and institutions using or planning to use cloud technologies for their activities
For resource providers Institutions and companies contributing or willing to contribute to the FedCloud providing access to their cloud infrastructure via the Federation
Infrastructure Status Updated status of the cloud infrastructure via the Federation
Innovation roadmap Developments ongoing and planned for the EGI Federated Cloud
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