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VT CloudCaps

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Full title: Transforming Scientific Applications to Exploit Cloud Capacity



Whereas many topics discussed during meetings will be directly transformed into work items, some meetings may call for somewhat more elaborate minutes. These should go here.

Project Output

The project has two essential goals:

  1. Transform select use cases to exploit cloud capacity
  2. Document the lessons learned and best practices during the first activity

The output of these and any accompanying documentation will be put here.

The following is a list of work in progress pages that we use to eventually assemble official documentation.

Id Document Link
1 Identification of Cloud Capacity VT-CloudCaps:Capacities
2 Matching Use Cases against capacity VT-CloudCaps:UseCases
3 Questionnaire for user groups VT-CloudCaps:Questionnaire
4 Best practices applicable when creating images VT-CloudCaps:BestPractices
5 Evaluation of existing images (prior to optimizations) VT-CloudCaps:OriginalImages
6 Contextualization VT-CloudCaps:Contextualization

The documents produced so far:

Evaluation and Work Plan for CloudCaps Use Cases

Recommended reading

There are a number of documents available from Amazon[1]. I did find the overview document about AWS quite inspiring.