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General Project Information

  • Full title: CDMI support in Cloud Management Stacks
  • Leader: Ilja Livenson, KTH
  • Mailing List: <none-yet>
  • Meetings: <skype weekly PPP>
  • Status: in progress
  • Start Date: 01/04/2013
  • Duration: 31/03/2014
  • Task tracking: [1]


SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI, http://www.snia.org/cdmi) is a well established open standard for providing storage services which recently became an ISO standard. The goal of this activity is to implement support of CDMI specifically for the requirements of EGI cloud infrastructures, both for handling the data files and orchestration of the block devices and their attachment to VMs. This would lead to a multi purpose storage solution that would seamlessly fit into EGI's Cloud Infrastructure platform and integrate with EGI's Core Infrastructure platform.

The main beneficiaries include sites and communities that want to serve or consume resources using standards’ based cloud APIs. An additional benefit for the communities is the ability to migrate between EGI and public cloud offerings more easily due to the existence of similar services.


An outcome of the project will be a prototype, which will integrate the EGI Federated AAI model for authentication and authorization and will offer object and block storage proxy to OCCI-compliant services. These services include cloud stacks used in EGI FedCloud TF if they are accessed either via native or translated (e.g. by rOCCI) OCCI interface. A browser friendly interface will be developed on the basis of the CDMI HTTP based RESTful protocol to enable end users to access and manage their files in a user friendly way.


Tasks are managed in a private Jira. For access please contact livenson@kth.se


(Update) It was decided that integration with X.509/VOMS-based infrastructure will happen via VOMS-enabled OpenStack Keystone.


Planning phase: end of May

  1. Documentation of the expected use cases
  2. Development infrastructure configuration

Execution phase: End of January

  1. CDMI Storage (aka Stoxy) component packages
  2. Administrator’s documentation
  3. Functional test suite
  4. Integration test suite
  5. CLI & SDK
    1. Python
    2. Java

Testing and bugfix phase: end of March

  1. Source Code
  2. Results of the stress tests
  3. Validation feedback.
  4. Developer’s guide.


  • Ilja Livenson, KTH, project lead, developer, livenson@kth.se
  • Andrei Sosnin, OpenNode, developer


Progress Reporting

The Project Leader will provide a short emailed progress report on a bi-weekly basis. The report will be due by 17:00 on Mondays and is to contain details of:

  • Work achieved during the last two weeks
  • Work planned for next two weeks
  • Progress against the goals in the project plan
  • Issues that the virtual team leader needs help with (e.g. non-responsive partners, more resources, support from EGI.eu teams, etc.)

The Team project manager will also provide a more comprehensive input for the EGI InSPIRE quarterly reporting.


1. Questions to potential CDMI adopters