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This page is obsolete, for information about the EGI Cloud Federation please refer to: EGI Federated Cloud

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EGI is a federation of national and domain specific resource infrastructure providers comprised of individual resource centres. Many of these resource centres have been experimenting with the deployment of virtualised management environments to improve the local delivery of services. Many of EGI’s current and new user communities would like to access the flexibility provided by virtualisation across the infrastructure on demand in a ‘cloud like’ environment. Federating these individual virtualised resources is a major priority for EGI that has started with the EGI User Virtualisation Workshop, and the drafting of the EGI Cloud Integration Profile.



The Task Force mandate lasts eighteen months, from Sept 2011 to March 2013. The Task Force activities are organised in three, six-months long phases. During each phase, the Task Force evaluates a set of scenarios that an EGI federation of clouds should support. The scenarios are chosen by collecting use cases and requirements among user communities, resource providers and technology providers that have already adopted cloud computing or are planning to do so in a near future.

One or more work group is created inside the Task Force in order to evaluate each scenario. A leader is appointed for each work group and one or more collaborators are chosen among the Task Force members. The scenario evaluation performed by each work group is recorded in workbenches and consists into:

Once the scenario has been evaluated and, when possible, the required software and tests have been deployed in the Task Force test bed federated cloud, the members of the work group proceed to write a section of the blueprint document. Altogether, the blueprint document describes the set of capabilities that define an EGI Cloud Federation. The blueprint focuses on the infrastructure layer of the federation and each work group is tasked with documenting at least one core capability. Each section of the blueprint is structured as follow.

The progress of the activity of each work group is available in the workbenches summary section.


The Task Force operates on its mailing list and on a weekly conference call. At the moment, our effort is organised in work groups that any member of the Task Force is free to lead or to contribute to. Each member of Task Force can organise a meeting dedicated to further progress a specific workgroup activity.

The Task Force meet every Tuesday at 11:00 CET in a conference call. Minutes of the meetins are publicly available.


The Task Force roadmap is organised in three, six-months long phases. Every six months, the output of the Task Force activities are disseminated through the EGI.eu conferences and a new phase is started.

Phase 1. Setup: Sept 2011 - March 2012
Scenarios Workbenches Capabilities
1 Running a pre-defined VM Image VM Management
2 Managing users' data and VMs Data management
3 Integrating information from multiple resource providers Information discovery
4 Accounting across Resource Providers Accounting
5 Reliability/Availability of Resource Providers Monitoring
6 VM/Resource state change notification Notification
7 AA across Resource Providers Authentication and Authorisation
8 VM images across Resource Providers VM sharing
Phase 2. Consolidation: April 2012 - Sept 2012
Phase 3. Integration: Sept 2012 - Mar 2013
  • Set up of a User Community Support Team (UCST) dedicated to the task force use cases.
  • Integration of the federation test bed into the EGI infrastructure: GOCDB, SAM, APEL.
  • Open the federation test bed to early adopters.
  • Publication of the Blueprint document.
  • Demo and poster for each supported use case.
  • Tutorials and live demo of the federation test bed.


  1. Wiki
  2. Mailing list (incl. Mailing list archive)
  3. Meeting planner
  4. Task Force Management & Actions tracker


  1. Task Force Mandate: https://documents.egi.eu/document/720
  2. Task Force Roadmap: https://documents.egi.eu/secure/RetrieveFile?docid=803&version=1&filename=lyon_20092011_v3.pdf
  3. Other EGI Virtualisation activities: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_Virtualisation_Activities
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