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VT GPGPU/Weekly Reports/20120616

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VT-GPGPU Progress

  1. Karolis added an NGI_UA use case to the wiki
  2. TCD/NGI_IE has started to document some of the NGI_IE use-cases on the wiki.
  3. TCD/NGI_IE will propose a structure for creating the use-case wiki pages, with an e-mail to be sent to the group next week for discussion.
  4. Sophie Ferry (CEA/NGI_FR) met with QCD group working with GPGPUs, and attened a GPUs-oriented HPC workshop
  5. Reports on the meetings will be available next week
  6. John Walsh had an e-mail discussion with Jan Just Keijser (NIKHEF/NGI_NL) regarding an up-and-coming GPGPU event at SARA. See: Jan will attend this event.

Plans for the week ahead

Work on Survey.