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Establishing a new Virtual Team

1. The request to form a Virtual Team can come from any NGI or The request must be sent to the email address and it must describe:

2. The request is reviewed by the EGI-Engage project Activity Management Board members based on clarity, completeness and achieve-ability. The request is sent back for refinement if it is not clear, not complete or not achievable. The technical content is not reviewed at this stage. Rejected requests can be resubmitted after modification and/or improvement.

3. After a project is accepted it gets an entry in the "Active Virtual Teams" section of this site and a request to join the project is circulated to the NGI International Liaisons (NILs). The NILs make sure that the NGI as a whole or appropriate individuals or teams within the NGIs respond to the participation request. The NGI decision process is treated as a black box. Some NGI International Liaison may decide on their own on participation, others may need approval from NGI Coordinator or from NGI members. Note that because Virtual Teams have a relatively short lifetime, the window of opportunity for NGIs to respond is expected to be short too.

4. The positive answer from at least two NGIs is enough to run a Virtual Team. Virtual Teams with one NGI cannot be active within this framework. The leader of the Virtual Team must be an individual from an NGI or from If the team is lead by an NGI member then an " buddy" is provided for the team to facilitate the integration into the EGI ecosystem.

Running a Virtual Team



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