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USG Setting up the UI Environment

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You will find how to configure the files, permissions and paths of the UI Environment to provide an optimal environment for Grid use and for running applications on the Grid.

Installing Your Certificate

Once an account on a user interface has been created, the user certificate must be installed. The recommended procedure is to create a directory named .globus under the user home directory to contain your grid credentials. After installation, you can check that it has been done properly with the voms-proxy-init command.

PKCS12 (*.p12) Formatted Certificates

If you have your credential in PKCS12 format (a file with either p12 or pfx extension), then copy your credential to the .globus directory and name the file usercred.p12. You need to change the file permission to make sure only you have access to it:

$ chmod 0400 usercred.p12

The listing of the directory should be similar to:

$ ls -l $HOME/.globus
-r--------    1 doe   xy           2935 Feb  1 10:49 usercred.p12

PEM (*.pem) Formatted Certificates

If you have your credential in PEM format (two files with pem extension) then put the certificate and key files in the .globus directory, naming them usercert.pem and userkey.pem respectively, with global read-only permissions for the former, and owner-read permissions for the latter, like so:

$ chmod 444 usercert.pem
$ chmod 400 userkey.pem

A listing of the directory should be similar to:

$ ls -l $HOME/.globus
-r--r--r--    1 doe      xy           4541 Aug 23  2006 usercert.pem
-r--------    1 doe      xy            963 Aug 23  2006 userkey.pem