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If the reader is new to the Grid and its concepts and wants to get started with understanding, writing and running jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is strongly recommended that the chapters are followed in sequence, as they appear on the Table.

Chapters from 1 to 9 go through all the basics for setting up the user to be ready to use the Grid.


A basic familiarity with the Unix OS commands are presumed, since all commands will be done from a Unix-based console. This includes Grid commands as well as local machine commands.

Regional User Documentation

1 Acronyms A list of the principal acronyms for terms that are used in this Guide. All
2 Getting Certificate How to apply for and install a certificate to gain access to the Grid. gLite
3 Registering with a Virtual Organisation What a Virtual Organisation is, how to find which one is appropriate for the user's application area, and how to apply for membership. gLite
4 Proxy Certificates What proxy certificates are, what information they contain, and how to create them to access the grid infrastructure. gLite
5 Proxy Renewal with MyProxy How to create long-term proxy, how to use the proxy renewal services.
6 Getting an Account on a User Interface How to obtain an account and use a machine that contains the tools and configuration to use the Gri.
Setting up the UI Environment How to configure the files, permissions and paths of the UI Environment.
Simple Job Cycle How to use the job management commands to prepare and submit a simple job, monitor its status and retrieve the output.
Basic Data Management How to use the data management command-line tools to store, copy and delete file.
Querying the Information System How to query the Information System in order to get an up-to-date view of the resources available on the Grid.
VO Software Installation Methods for installing application-specific software on the grid.
MPI Jobs How to compile and run a simple Message Passing Interface job on the grid.
Using AMGA Metadata Catalog Basic information on the usage of the AMGA Metadata Catalog.
Using LDAP Search How to use the ldapsearch command to perform complex queries of the EGI information system.

Authors: Marco Bencivenni, Enrico Fattibene