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Resource Centre OLA: Release Notes

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Resource Centre OLA v. 1.2

Download the Resource Centre OLA v1.2

Release notes

Version 1.2 of the Resource Centre OLA introduces the following changes:

  • compliance to EGI cloud infrastructure

Resource Centre OLA v. 1.1

Download the Resource Centre OLA v1.1

Release notes

Version 1.1 of the Resource Centre OLA introduces the following changes:

  • various part of the OLA have been fixed so that the OLA is now more general, and can be applied to Resource Cenres who deploy software who is no supporting the VO concept (e.g. GLOBUS and UNICORE) - see ticket 2574.
  • compliance to security policies and procedures has been reformualted so that no specific policy/procedure is referenced explicitly. The references section was updated accordingly.
  • v1.1 of the OLA requires that all applicable security policies have to be accepted and enforced.
  • the OLA was re-written to clarify that the whole agreement concerns all sites in UNCERTIFIED/SUSPENDED/CERTIFIED status unless differently stated. Those parts of the OLA (such as availability requirements, response time to tickets) that are only applicable to CERTIFIED sites, are now explicitly mentioned to be only prescriptive to CERTIFIED sites. This is a major change in the OLA. This change was necessary to make sure that also UNCERTIFIED and SUSPENDED Resource Centres enforce security policies.
  • An additional responsibility statement for Resource Centres about intellectual property rights was added in agreement with the Security Policy Group.
  • Terminology was improved to keep it consistent with the EGI Glossary and ITIL definition of terms.

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