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EGI-CSIRT Training and Dissemination Group (TDG)

The EGI-CSIRT Training and Dissemination Group objective is to rise security awareness among Grid users and Grid Resource Providers and act as a a collection point for best practices, tutorials and trainings both internal and external to the EGI-InSPIRE project.

Training Events

Events Organized by the NGIs

Security events, tutorials and workshops, are often organized inside the NGIs or international forums and contain useful information for the community. The material linked here has not officially been validated by the EGI-CSIRT and is provided as it is for users convenience.

Training Testbed

EGI CSIRT has implemented a Training Testbed which allows to execute incident handling and forensics hands-on in a very realistic scenario.

Guides, Best Practices and Technical Advices

Incident Handling

Suggestions on the way an incident should be handled in EGI

EMI Community Service Reference Cards

The Service Reference Cards are a collection of short guides on the middleware services provided by the developers. Each card contains also a security paragraph with useful suggestions about configuration and operational procedures.

Resource Access Control

How to control the access to grid resources.


Monitoring Tools used in EGI-InSPIRE and recommended to the Resource Centers

Intrusion Detection and Integrity Checking

When correctly configured and tuned, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Integrity Checkers are very useful tools to promptly discover system compromise or even prevent it. In this section some of the most used IDS are listed together with links to the documentation

Best Practices (General)

A collection of small feeds and suggestions to improve the security of our sites.

SPG (Security Policy Group) Official Documents for EGI

The Security Policy Group (SPG) aims to provide policies that define the expected behaviour of sites and users to ensure a secure distributed computing infrastructure.

The list of approved EGI policies can be found [here]

External Material

ISSeG Training Material

The project Integrated Site Security for Grids (ISSeG) produced training and dissemination site. The site contains practical site security recommendations that are based on the lessons learnt from Integrated Site Security deployment at ISSeG target sites.