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The EGI CSIRT covers all aspects of operational security aimed at achieving a secure infrastructure within EGI and relies on site and NGI security contact information maintained in the GOCDB by each NGI. The EGI CSIRT ensures both the coordination with peer grids and with the NGIs and NREN CSIRTs. The EGI CSIRT acts as a forum to combine efforts and resources from the NGIs in different areas, including Grid security monitoring, Security training and dissemination, and improvements in responses to incidents (e.g. security drills). Each NGI will appoint an NGI Security Officer in order to provide the NGI CSIRT function. The resulting group of NGI Security Officers collaborate as part of the EGI CSIRT.

The EGI CSIRT is led and coordinated by the EGI Security Officer, whose role and mission are defined by security policies approved by EGI and the NGIs.

EGI CSIRT Term of Reference (ToR)

How To Report a Security Incident

This is the official and approved EGI-CSIRT procedure to be followed in case of a security incident

EGI CSIRT Operation Policies and Procedures

Operational Procedures approved by the OMB and PMB of interest for sites and users.

ALL EGI sites are required to follow these procedures in order to report and handle Grid-related security incident. We strongly encourage all the security contacts and system administrators to have a printed copy of all of them.

EGI CSIRT is involved in the Resource Centre Registration and Certification process. To pass the #7 step of the process the site must fulfill the EGI security certification requirements.

EGI CSIRT Security Alerts

Security alerts and/or security advisories will be sent to all EGI site security contacts or NGI security officers by EGI CSIRT using either an EGI broadcasting tool or a pre-established mailing list. They will also be listed on this page. They may cover a wide range of software, including but not limited to the EGI middleware.


You can find contact information of the team members here


RFC-2350 Document and Trusted Introducer entry


EGI Central emergency suspension wiki

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