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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 23 March 2012 14h00 Amsterdam time

Note: This meeting is on Friday, due of clashing with the Community Forum 2012.

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

1. Actions from previous meeting

2. Middleware releases and staged rollout

2.1 EMI-1 release status

2.2 Staged Rollout

UMD 1.6.0

Real-time provisioning status for UMD 1.6.0 is here: UMD 1.6.0

Some comments follow:

GTK 5.2 and globus-gridftp patch

Cristina Aiftimiei wrote in an Email on 16 March 2012:

if you include GTK5.2 -> you can remove uberftp, but will break DPM & STORM production.
if you include GTK 5.2 + last glibus-gridftp-server -> you can remove uberftp, DPM production should work (Mattias had the confirmation)
but for StoRM we are still waiting for such a confirmation (today).

The currently provisionied IGE Globus GridFTP contains this mentioned patch. DPM and StoRM in Production have been tested against this, and do work fine.

An older version of Uberftp is currently in our production repository to protect EMI-UI from the version in EPEL that is compiled against the backwards-incompatible version of Globus GridFTP. As soon as the patched version of Globus GridFTP will be published, this old version of Uberftp will be removed at the same time.

3. Operational Issues

TMPDIR policy proposal

Follow up of the discussion in the previous meeting: Agenda-12-03-2012

4. AOB

4.1 Next meetings

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