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EMI WN and UI known issues

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This page collects the known issues of EMI Worker Node and EMI User Interface. These EMI products are mainly containers of other products client libraries, for this reason the GGUS tickets are assigned to the respective product's support units.

The following table contains all the known issues that affect the EMI WN and EMI UI.

Please, if there are issues not already in the table, extend the list, or contact peter.solagna at

Products versions

The current EMI WN and UI versions are:

  • EMI-WN v.1.0.0
  • EMI-UI v.1.0.0

Known issues

WN/UI/Both Short description Link(s) to GGUS ticket(s) Link(s) to savannah bugs or tasks Comments VOs affected Is it a blocking issue for one or more VOs? Status
WN CMS issues running on EMI WN 78315 - CMS code cannot link to the Globus dependencies it needs. CMS No, workaround available in the ticket. Solved
Both lcg-cr failure 79727 Savannah bug 92076 - - Yes Solved
Both lcg_cr internal error 79093 - This issues has been fixed in lcgutil 1_12_0, expected to be released in mid-April 2012 EMI-1 update 15 - Yes Solved
Both segmentation fault running lcg_cr 78797 Savannah bug 84660 The only partial workaround is to specify LFC_HOST instead of dynamically retrieving it from the BDII - Yes Solved

Fields description

  • WN/UI/Both: Is the issue affecting EMI-WN,EMI-UI, or Both?
  • Short description: Fill this field with a very short description of the issue (e.g. the GGUS ticket subject)
  • Link(s) to GGUS ticket(s): GGUS reference(s) for the problem
  • Link(s) to savannah bugs or tasks:Savannah reference(s) for the problem
  • Comments:Comments, if needed. E.g. more details about the problem
  • VOs affected: If possible list the VOs tested to be affected by this issue. If it is a very general problem, leave empty
  • Is it a blocking issue for one or more VOs?: If this issue is preventing the deployment of EMI-WN/UI (at least for one of the affected VOs), answer: Yes/No/Maybe
  • Status: Specify if the issue is still open or it has been solved.