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General information TO UPDATE



  • UMD 4.9.0 release scheduled in October
    • HTCondor-CE and dCache 5.2 to be included
    • Argo-ams-library, dynafed, APEL, StoRM, Xrootd, squid, gfal, davix
    • ARC 6.2 needs interaction with the PT => postponed


  • TCB-Cloud + CMD PTs meeting on October 8th
  • discussion about the future of CMD, to be aligned with the upcoming "centralised operations" project
  • items: review the product list, distribute packages + images, use CI/CD, use a "fake site" as staged-rollout (if all probes green, deployment is OK)
  • next release is November (schedule to be fixed at the end of the year to be more realistic)

Preview repository

  • released on 2019-08-16
    • Preview 1.24.0 AppDB info (sl6): APEL Client/Server 1.8.1, APEL-SSM 2.4.0, ARC 6.1.0, davix 0.7.4, dCache 4.2.40, DMLite/DPM 1.13.1, Dynafed 1.5.0, frontier-squid 4.8.1, gfal2 2.16.3
    • Preview 2.24.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): APEL Client/Server 1.8.1, APEL-SSM 2.4.0, ARC 6.1.0, davix 0.7.4, dCache 4.2.40, DMLite/DPM 1.13.1, Dynafed 1.5.0, frontier-squid 4.8.1, gfal2 2.16.3




Feedback from DMSU

Known Error Database:

  • added the following problems:
    • CREAM-CE at CentOS 7: could not create connection to database server, GGUS 142425 (which was solved)
    • BDII udpate & base64 encoded ldif entries, GGUS 142928 (which is still open)

Tickets handled by DMSU:

  • GGUS #143303: libcurl does not use CRLs correctly, SSL connection can fail unexpectedly, revoked cert can be accepted
  • GGUS #143438: Issues with Caso (cloud accounting)
  • GGUS #143513: problem with Ceph based WebDAV service

Monthly Availability/Reliability

suspended sites: AEGIS01-IPB-SCL (NGI_AEGIS)

IPv6 readiness plans

LCGDM end of support and migration to / enabling of DOME

  • Deployment statistics (Oct 10th):
$ ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:// -b "GLUE2GroupID=grid,o=glue" '(&(objectClass=GLUE2Manager)(GLUE2ManagerProductName=DPM))' GLUE2ManagerProductVersion GLUE2ManagerID | grep GLUE2ManagerProductVersion | sort | uniq -c
    11 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.10.0
     5 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.12.0
    47 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.13.0
     4 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.13.1
    10 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.10
     2 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.11
     1 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.7
     1 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.8
     4 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.9
    10 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.9.0

Liasing with WLCG to follow-up the upgrade. Opened GGUS tickets asking the following:

  • all the sites with older DPM versions than 1.12 are suggested to upgrade to the latest DPM version , following the guide DPM upgrade (chapter 1 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Legacy Flavour" and chapter 2 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Dome Flavour")
    • DOME and the old LCGDM (srm protocol) will coexist
  • Monitoring: sites should enable the monitoring of the HTTP/WebDav and/or GridFTP endpoints
    • register the storage service endpoint as webdav and/or globus-GRIDFTP service type, with production flag disabled, providing respectively the URL field and the Extension Properties information as explained in the HOWTO21
    • check if the tests are ok
    • switch the production flag to "yes"

List of tickets:

HTCondorCE integration

Link to procedure:

GGUS ticket:

Steps status:


Next meeting

November and there will be no meeting in December