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The EGI Staged Rollout is a procedure by which certified updates of the supported middleware (e.g. gLite) are first released to and tested by Early Adopter sites before being made available to all sites through the production repositories. This procedure permits testing an update in a production environment that also is more heterogeneous than what is possible during the certification and verification phases. It allows for potential issues with an update to be discovered at a small scale and potential workarounds to be added to the release notes. In some cases an update may even be rejected. The Staged Rollout serves to increase the confidence in the quality of the updates that pass, such that the vast majority of the sites should experience smooth updates. Sites are invited to participate in the Staged Rollout for services that they have a particular interest in, with the proviso that they may need to debug issues with a particular update and in any case should report their findings. Such participation can be of great value to the production infrastructure and is appreciated!

Grid Operations Meeting

Agenda and minutes GridOpsMeeting

Staged Rollout procedures and workflow

The page Staged-rollout-procedures contains the procedures and workflow during the staged rollout phase. It is still subject to updates and some of the technical implementations in the RT queue staged-rollout will be done soon.

The wiki description follows closely the document:

Early Adopter teams should try to follow the described procedures, and give feedback for improvements.

Early Adopters

Mailing lists of Early Adopters

  • Group of ARC EA teams: early-adopters-arc<AT>
  • Group of Globus EA teams: early-adopters-globus<AT>
  • Group of gLite EA teams: early-adopters-glite<AT>
  • Group of Operational Tools EA teams: early-adopters-opstools<AT>
  • Group of UNICORE EA teams: early-adopters-unicore<AT>

Reminder: members of Early Adopter teams need a EGI SSO account.

Old table of Early Adopters and Components


Collaboration between EGI and OSG

EGI received an expression of interest from OSG in the framework of LHC VO support, to collaborate in the test of new versions of EGI deployed middleware. The aim is to have early adopter sites that are in WLCG, to include some of the services under test with ATLAS and CMS workflows.

The work, discussions, meetings, technical information will be handled in this wiki page:

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