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Purpose of this activity is to test the interoperability of software deployed in the EGI infrastructure with software deployed in OSG WLCG sites, prior to inclusion of UMD. The UMD release only includes software releases that have been verified and tested by EGI.

The interoperability of EGI sites with OSG sites will be testing with the help of the ATLAS and CMS application frameworks.

This is a joint effort of EGI, OSG and LHC experiments.


Ensure interoperability between EGI and OSG for the support of ATLAS and CMS experiments by

  • Verifying that CMS workflows continue to work through glideinWMS.
    • Test CE implementations and worker node clients.
  • Validating PANDA jobs submitted to endpoints deploying with new EMI releases, replicating production configurations used by ATLAS.
  • Obtaining job metrics from the system to compare results over the same datasets on EGI and OSG sites.

People and sites involved


  • Staged rollout contacts: Mario David, Tiziana Ferrari, Peter Solagna
  • EGI sites:
    • NCG-INGRID-PT (part of WLCG Portuguese T2 for Atlas and CMS):
      • Joao Pina
      • Gonçalo Borges
    • UKI-LT2-Brunel T2 cms
      • Raul Lopez


  • Operations contact: Rob Quick
  • OSG sites:
    • USCMS: Anthony Tiradani
    • USATLAS: Rob Gardner
  • Experiments:
    • Atlas: Stephane Jezequel
    • CMS: Stefano Belforte
  • CERN: Maarten Litmaath

Technical information

  • Hammer cloud:
  • Panda monitor:
Site SRM endpoint CE endpoint Experiment
UKI-LT2-Brunel CMS