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This page collects internal materials needed by EGI.eu Operations and EGI Operations Support team to perform the EGI Infrastructure operations oversight activities.

NOTE: on April 30th 2016 EGI Operations Support activity stopped, all its task passed to Operations


EGI.eu Operations:

  • GGUS Support Unit:Operations
  • operations @ egi.eu


In this section are collected all work instructions containing detailed information specifying exactly what steps are to be followed to carry out an activity.

Action Responsible
Procedure Instructions and related pages
ROD certification OS
Creation of a new NGI OS
Monthly operations broadcast OS
Operations Centre decommission O

Setting a Nagios test to an operations test O

Operational portal dashboard issues O
Availability/reliability followup procedure O
Unknown followup procedure O
Top-level BDII followup procedure O
ROD performance index followup procedure O

Work Instructions

Pages listing NGIs

For EGI Operations: to be updated while OC creation or decommission