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Monthly operations broadcast work instruction

This page describes steps which should be taken to create and sent monthly operations broadcast.

General info

  • Receiver: NGI, site, VO managers
  • Subject: Montly operations broadcast
  • Goal: decrease number of broadcast sent


  1. During the month based EGI Operations team is collecting mnthly broadcast entries
    • EGI Operationsis supposed to send Broadcast entry email to operations@mailman.egi.eu using below described template, sharing and discussing the related items
  2. EGI Operations after OMB meeting double checks the entries of the monthly broadcast, with proposed day and time for sending broadcast
  3. EGI Operations is sending broadcast

Broadcast entry email (template)

mail Subject: Broadcast entry email [month.year]

Broadcast Target: [NGI managers/Sites]

Broadcast Subject: [subject] EGI Operations monthly update, <Month><Year>

Broadcast Content: [content]

How to make the broadcast

  • go to Broadcast tool https://operations-portal.egi.eu/broadcast
  • choose
    • Publication Type: Broadcast+Archive.
    • Title, e.g EGI Operations monthly update, 07.2015
    • news content/You put here broadcast content
    • In menu on the right side you choose targets (who should get the broadcast): Site administrators, VO Managers, Generic mailing-lists/Operators Mailing Lists depending on who should get the broadcast
      • usually: [Generic mailing-list] : Operators Mailing lists + [Site administrators] : ALL