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VT Scientific Discipline Classification

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Sy Holsinger,
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: Final VT Report sent to EGI Management for approval [1]
  • Start Date: 12/12/2012
  • End Date: 24/05/2013 (5 months)
  • Meetings: see dedicated page
  • Output result = EGI Scientific Disciplines


EGI is a multidisciplinary e-Infrastructure where users belong to a variety of different scientific disciplines. EGI needs to categorise these users by disciplines through a number tools (e.g, AppDB, operations portal, training marketplace, CRM). Although a legacy classification was inherited from EGEE, different tools have adopted different classifications and the expanded user base has many virtual organisations falling into the "other" category. As EGI now operates within an open ICT ecosystem, it has become essential to agree on a common, coherent classification that is not only consistent across all tools, but allows for smooth inclusion of future user communities as well.


A proposal for a new classification of scientific disciplines for EGI that is verified with the VO managers, EGI tools operators and NILs and that is open for the inclusion of new communities in the future.


  • Identify all possible uses of disciplines across EGI.
  • Research publically available classifications.
  • Define an aggregation of scientific disciplines.
  • Understand the technical implications of integrating a new classification scheme.
  • Present the proposed list for comments and recommendation by VO Managers, EGI tool operators and NILs.
  • Submit an agreed and verified classification to EGI Management and Council for approval with a set of recommendations moving forward.

See dedicated activity page


  • Sy Holsinger, / VT Leader
  • Sergio Andreozzi,
  • Gonçalo Borges, LIP / PT NIL / CRM
  • Marios Chatziangelou, IASA / GR NGI / AppDB
  • Claire Devereux, STFC / UK NIL / Training Marketplace
  • Iván Díaz, CESGA / ES NGI / Accounting Portal
  • Maciej Filocha, ICM / PL NGI / User Communities
  • Cyril L'Orphelin CNRS / FR NGI / Operations Portal
  • Geneviève Romier CNRS / FR NIL / User Communities
  • Alvaro Simon, CESGA / ES NGI / Accounting Portal
  • Jelena Tamulienė, VU / LT NIL / User Communities